Mirka Waterproof Finishing Sheets

Mirka Waterproof Finishing Sheets

Mirka Waterproof Finishing Sheets
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Performance and durability at a competitive price.

A great sandpaper begins with top of the line abrasives.   Mirka Waterproof Finishing Sheets feature high-grade silicon carbide grains (P80-P360 papers feature aluminum oxide grains).

The grains are matched in size and placed tightly together, ensuring an even and consistent cut.

The latex-impregnated paper backing material remains flexible for long periods of time and resists cracking, even when folded.

The face of the paper is double coated using stearate and latex. Among other things, stearate helps the paper to resist clogging, while latex increases durability and helps to minimize curling of the paper when it is used wet. This sophisticated bonding system virtually eliminates separation of the abrasives.

Lots of small details combine to make Mirka Waterproof a tough paper.
Price and performance make it a tough paper to beat!
Also available in a Combo Pack.

Quantity Price
1 - 12
13 - 24
$1.12 each - save 10%
25 - 49
$1.06 each - save 15%
$0.94 each - save 25%
  • Sheet size: 9" x 11"

  • High grade Abrasives: P80-P360 Aluminum Oxide / P400-P2000 Silicon Carbide

  • Bonding: Resin over resin for extended durability

  • Latex coated front & back: Extends durability and keeps paper flat when wet

  • Flexible backing: P80-P120 papers feature C-weight backing, P150-P2000 papers feature B-weight backing (FYI... A-weight is thinner than B-weight, and so on)

  • Full sleeve: P80-P150 contains 25 sheets,  P180-P2000 contains 50 sheets