Meguiar's 6" Professional Soft Buff DA Foam Discs

Meguiar's 6" Professional Soft Buff DA Foam Discs

Meguiar's 6" Professional Soft Buff DA Foam Discs

Meguiar's 6" Professional Soft Buff DA Foam Discs
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Date line, 1965: "Meguiar's Introduces the Buffmaster Wooless Wonder!"

Meguiar's 6" Professional Soft Buff DA Foam Discs are the latest series of pad offered by the marvelous minds at Meguiar's. Three grades of foam ensure that just about any polishing task can be comfortably & efficiently accomplished. They can be used with a wide variety of buffing liquids (compounds, polishes, waxes), and are machine washable.

   Meguiar's 6" Maroon DA Foam Cutting Discs. 
Typical foam cutting pads can leave paint surfaces scoured with a layer of fine, hazy scratch marks. Not so with these beauties! Remarkably, Meguiar's 5" DA Foam Cutting Discs will rarely scour even the most delicate of paint finishes.

   Meguiar's 6" Yellow DA Foam Polishing Discs. 
It's no secret that Meguiar's Foam Polishing Pads have been an industry standard for decades. Compared to their maroon counterparts, Meguiar's 6" Yellow DA Foam Polishing Discs feature improved contourability. A great choice for general polishing tasks. 

   Meguiar's 6" Black DA Foam Finishing Discs. 
Newly formulated foam is superior to all previous offerings (no small feat!). Fast becoming the go-to pad for high grade, critical polishing tasks. Non-marring, low-clog foam. The perfect choice for final polishing tasks, or for applying glazes, polishes, waxes, and sealants.

   For optimum performance:
This pad should be used in conjunction with a Meguiar's Professonal Backing Plate.

For use with random orbital or dual action machines:
• Meguiar's DBP6 Soft Buff 6" D/A Polisher Backing Plate.
• Meguiar's S6BP Professional 6" Backing Plate.

For use with rotary machines:

• Meguiar's WRSBP Soft Buff 6" Rotary Soft Backing Plate.

   Need more versatility?  
Check out the Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction System here.

   Need these pads in 5" diameter?
Check out the Meguiar's 5" Soft Buff DA Foam Discs here.

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Actual diameter: 7" Actual height: 1"
Attachment material: low profile loop Attachment material diameter: 5-1/8"
Indent for backing plate:
5-15/16" diameter
Color code:
maroon pad: for cutting or leveling
yellow pad: for general or contour polishing
black pad: for contour or finish polishing
Recommended Rotary Backing Plate:
Meguiar's W68 6" Rotary Polisher Backing Plate
Recommended D/A Backing Plate:
Meguiar's W68DA Professional 6" D/A Backing Plate