Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher


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Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher

Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher

Meguiar's Dual Action Polisher
The G110v2 includes a duffle bag and W68DA backing plate, which was designed for use with Meguiar's 7" Soft Buff pads.<br /><br />Buffing pads are not included.<br><br>The free-spinning backing plate mounting spindle is offset from the driveshaft, creating a 5/16" diameter orbit as it rotates.<br><br>The backing plate's rotation frequency is varying and random, and is dependent upon friction, pressure, and machine speed.<br><br>
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Are you ready for Cruise Control Polishing?

This machine was designed from the get-go by the guys at Meguiar's to polish and wax paint.  

Now, if it seems a bit silly that I'd even mention this, then perhaps it's because you didn't realize that most competitor's machines are initially designed for sanding.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it is nice to know that Meguiar's thought of their paint-polishing customers first.

The G110v2 Dual Action Polisher is safe to use, even for beginners!
Dual Action Polishers are categorized as such because they create two independent motions that when combined, deliver one unique motion.  In the case of the G110v2, it is sub-categorized as a random orbital polisher because the backing plate creates an off-center orbit while it freewheel spins.  It's a motion that is difficult to envision, but rest assured, it is a very safe way to polish paint.  When paired with the proper pads and liquids, the G110v2 can easily eliminate paint defects, leaving the paint glistening and waxed.

The G110v2 features Cruise Control Circuitry... a Meguiar's exclusive!
As the buffing pad rubs against the paint during polishing, it creates power-robbing friction, which can bog the motors and slow backing plate rotation.  In some cases or when using slower speeds, random rotation of the backing plate can stop altogether.  The Cruise Control Circuitry (3C) built into the G110v2 electronically monitors motor speed and attempts to stabilize it by delivering more current under heavy work loads.  This results in a more consistent polishing of the surface.

The G110v2 performs better at lower speeds than other machines.
Thanks to C3 and other details (such as high-grade bearings), random rotation of the backing plate remains strong, even at lower speeds.  With other machines, the speed setting of the machine must be set higher than needed in order to rotate the backing plate sufficiently. Excessive orbit speed can actually diminish performance, and cause the machine to feel uncomfortable as it vibrates and jiggles about.

The G110v2 features the most accurate speed dial in the business.
Would you drive a car that uses a toggle switch in place of a gas and brake pedal? I wouldn't!  The fact is, many  random orbital machines use  inaccurate speed dials.  The speed dial built into the G110v2 is very accurate, and easy to fine tune.

No more cans of elbow grease for you... it's time to fire up the G110v2!

Note: This machine includes a Meguiars W68DA Professional 6" Backing Plate, which was designed specifically for use with Meguiar's W78907 7" Soft Buff Pads.  

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Specifications & Notes:
Motor specifications:
120V/60Hz  4.2 amps

Delivers a maximum shaft
speed of 6,800 R.P.M.

Variable speed
1,800 R.P.M - 6,800 R.P.M.
Machine type
Dual Action/Random Orbital Polisher

Action 1: Shaft drive rotates a free-spinning backing plate spindle, creating a circular path measuring 5/16" in diameter

Action 2: Backing plate free-spins and is able to rotate in either direction
Speed settings:
Setting 1: 1,800 R.P.M.
Setting 2: 2,800 R.P.M.
Setting 3: 3,800 R.P.M.
Setting 4: 4,800 R.P.M.
Setting 5: 5,800 R.P.M.
Setting 6: 6,800 R.P.M.
Cruise Control Feedback Circuitry
Electronically monitors motor speed and attempts to stabilize it by delivering more current under heavy work loads
Stroke size
5/16" orbit diameter
Spindle mounting hole
5/16"-24 female thread
Backing plate
Includes a Meguiar's W68DA Professional
6" D/A Backing Plate, which was designed specifically for use with Meguiar's 7" Soft
Buff Foam Pads
free Meguiar's Duffle Bag
Holds buffer, wrench, and backing plate and has ample room to store liquids and pads