Rupes BigFoot Buffing Gels

Rupes BigFoot Buffing Gels

Rupes BigFoot Buffing Gels

Rupes BigFoot Buffing Gels
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There are three new Rupes Buffing liquids available in 250ml (8.45 ounces) and 1-liter (33.8 ounces) bottles.

D-A Coarse Cutting Compound New!
D-A Fine Polishing Compound New!
UNO Pure Ultra Finishing Polish New!

All three liquids are free of heavy oils & fillers, making them ideal for use in preparation of surfaces that will be protected via cross-linking sealants, polymers, and coatings.

All three liquids are compatible with the most popular pad types (including microfiber, wool, and foam). The rate of cut and finishing potential of each liquid can be altered depending upon pad choice, and by varying the quantity of liquid used per application.

D-A Coarse is designed to deliver rapid defect removal, and is therefore likely to be the fastest cutter (paint remover) of the three. Although D-A Coarse is an extremely capable cutter, state of the art technology and untold hours of testing and adjusting this formula enable D-A Coarse to oftentimes deliver a visually perfect finish.

D-A Polish is likely to be the go-to liquid for the majority of polishing situations. It’s been designed, tested, and tweaked to deliver everything professionals & enthusiasts desire: the potential to cut rapidly, yet finish beautifully; short or long buffing cycles; ease of use; fail-safe performance.

UNO Pure is likely to become the world standard for finessing swirls, haziness, tick marks, and other imperfections that are often created when attempting to perfect finicky paint types.


UNO Protect One-Step Polish and Sealant is designed to correct, polish, and protect.. all in one step! Pair with a microfiber, wool, or foam pad to polish away heavy or fine defects. Once wiped away, UNO Protect leaves behind a smooth & glossy layer of durable protection. A little goes a long way! The consistency/viscosity of the UNO Protect is very thin. To minimize sling or splatter, apply a limited quantity of UNO Protect to the pad in order to determine whether sling or splatter might be an issue.

Rupes original Buffing Gels are discontinued, but we still have a bit of inventory on hand.

Discontinued, limited inventory.
Zephir Coarse Compounding Gel makes short work of deep heavy scratches and harsh paint defects.  For heavy defect removal, use Zephir if Quarz is not able to eliminate paint defects to a satisfactory degree.  Use Zephir in conjunction with the Rupes Blue Extra-Cut Foam Pad or the Green Intermediate Cutting Pad.

Discontinued, inventory depleted.
Quarz Medium Compounding Gel can often remove every last blemish from weathered or worn paint surfaces.  For defect removal, use Quarz if Keramik is not able to eliminate paint defects to a satisfactory degree.  Use Quarz in conjunction with the Rupes Green Intermediate Cutting Pad or the Yellow Fine Polishing Pad

Discontinued, limited inventory.
Keramik Fine Gloss Polishing Gel is the perfect staring point for polishing paint surfaces that are in relatively good or nearly perfect condition. For polishing, use Keramik if Diamond is not able to eliminate light paint defects and general surface haziness to a satisfactory degree.  Use Keramik in conjunction with the Rupes Yellow Fine Polishing Pad or White Ultra Fine Finishing Pad.  

Discontinued, limited inventory.
Diamond Ultra Fine Gloss Finishing Gel is the jeweler, the final step in creating a perfect paint finish. Use Diamond in conjunction with the Rupes White Ultra Fine Finishing Pad.

Discontinued, limited inventory.
UHS Ultra High Solids Clear Coat Correction Compound is designed for use on scratch resistant and high solids (dense) ceramic paints. When used in conjunction with a Rupes UHS Foam Buffing Pad and a BigFoot machine, cutting and finishing can be accomplished in one polishing step.