Meguiar's Professional Foam-Cut Compound

Meguiar's Professional Foam-Cut Compound

Meguiar's Professional Foam-Cut Compound

Meguiar's Professional Foam-Cut Compound
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"M101 = Lightning bolt TIPS in a bottle."

Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound is a mind-blowing product. Quite simply, it the single most impressive cutting compound available today. In terms of its ability to deliver lightning-fast cutting speed with laser-like precision... there is no equal.

"I tell ya'... It's the Top Fuel Dragster of buffing compounds!"

Made in the USA.  Imported from... Europe?
There was a time in which the above statement was true! Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound was designed specifically for use in the European market, and was designed to be applied via a rotary polisher and a foam cutting pad.  Upon realizing this, I thought, "Rotary? Interesting. I think I'll try it with my random orbital polisher instead.  Foam pads? Hmmm.  I think I'll use a Meguiar's DA Microfiber Disc."

What a glorious day that was.
Right up to the point in which I used the last drop.
Something had to be done. 

We devise a plan.
It took a lot of time, whining, and finagling, but I was eventually able to secure two gallons of the magical concoction.  My first thought was to store the majority of it away, using it only when absolutely needed. But, I decided instead to share a gallon of it with my tight knit group of paint-polishing pals. The hope was to  create a grass-roots demand for USA distributon of M101.  Fat chance, right? Well, it worked!  

Upon trying their 4-ounce samples of M101, most of the guys flipped out with excitement, posting their findings on various detailing forums (see a sample here, and another here). The demand for M101 was massive.  So much so, that guys were paying a premium to have M101 shipped to the USA from Europe and Japan!  Eventually, Meguiar's answered the demand by offering quarts of M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound in the USA.  

Meguiar's M101 works well when applied via hand or machine.
Although Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound was designed for use with a high-speed rotary polisher, it can perform remarkably well when applied via handrandom orbital, or forced rotation orbital polishing machines. That being said, beginner-polishers should give M101 a whirl using the recommended procedure (rotary buffer and a foam cutting pad) prior to experimenting!  Regardless the application method, Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound removes paint rapidly, so caution must be used at all times (especially until you have grown accustomed to its abilities).

Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound leaves a very nice finish.
Follow-up polishing is not always necessary when using M101, but plan on having to do so.  The most important thing you can do to achieve optimum finishing results with M101 is to keep the buffing pad clean.  Further, it is not necessary to use high machine speeds when using M101.  Should any micro-marring be present atop the paint surface once compounding has been completed, follow-up by polishing the surface using a dedicated refining polish and a finishing pad (use a liquid such as Meguiar's M205 Ultra Finishing Polish or D301 DA Microfiber Finishing Wax, applied via a foam polishing or finishing pad).

Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound can be applied by hand.
Nowadays, we've got polishers at our disposal that utilize 1-inch, 2-inch, or 3-inch diameter buffing pads.  Still, there are some areas of a vehicle that cannot be safely or efficiently polished by machine (due to space or location constraints). M101 to the rescue!  

When applied by hand via microfiber applicator or  toweling, M101 can eliminate micro-shrinkage (a fine texturing of the paint surface that is caused by a shrinking or alteration of primer or paint layers). Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound is capable of removing sanding ridges and pig-tail sanding marks from all paint types.  Due to the fact that M101 removes paint rapidly, paint residue (the paint that has been scrubbed away) can encompass M101's abrasive grains, at times deeming them nearly ineffective.  To combat this, use more M101 rather than less.  It also helps to keep the mixture and the applicator or towel wet by moistening with water, delivered via spritzes from a trigger bottle.  You won't need to worry about "diluting" or rinsing the compounding abrasives of M01 away , because microfiber material is designed to grab and hold... and will therefore lock onto M101's abrasive grains.

Using a small diameter buffing pad? Meguiar's M101 Professional Pro-Cut Compound to the rescue!
At times, a small diameter buffing pad can negatively affect cutting speed. This is because when mounted to rotary polisher, the edge of a small-diameter pad does not reach the same velocity per revolution as that of a large-diameter pad.  When paired with a small stroke random orbital polisher, performance can suffer because short stroke machines do not generate the same quantity of backing plate rotation that a large stroke machine can. Since Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound features a massive quantity of abrasive grains, speed of cut can be greatly enhanced in these situations.

Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound is incredibly effective when used with small air-powered polishers, such as the Mirka MR-30 Bulldog 3" Rotary Polisher, the Rupes LH75P 3" Rotary Polisher, the Rupes TA50 2" Random Orbital Sander, and the Rupes LHR75 3" Mini Random Orbital Polisher.

Use Meguiar's M101 for compounding hard plastics, polished aluminum, powdercoat, and stainless steel.
We already know that Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound is versatile in terms of how it can be applied. It's also versatile in terms of what it can be used on. Use M101 on non-UV coated hard plastics such as Plexiglas or Lexan, and on headlight & taillight lenses (use caution to avoid cutting through UV coatings). Use M101 on aluminum items such as polished cast or billet wheels, grilles, and engine parts.  Restore the gleem to polished stainless steel parts such as automotive body trim, window trim, and tailpipe tips.  M101 can even be used to polish non-coated stainless steel pots, pans, and small kitchen appliances!  If you are unsure as to whether M101 can be safely used on a particular product, always err on the side of caution by doing an inconspicuous test spot (or call me for a 2nd opinion!)

Meguiar's M101 Professional Foam-Cut Compound is available in quarts.

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Incredible cutting power
Please read label for specific use information
Super-Micro Abrasive Technology (SMAT)
Quickly removes light to moderate defects
Non-scouring formula
Typically leaves a very refined finish
Works well in hot & cold climates
Worldwide testing ensures consistent performance, regardless the environment
For super fine polishing
Follow up with Meguiar's M205
Ultra Finishing Polish
Body Shop Safe
Contains no ingredients that may cause paint adherence issues, such as fisheye
Apply via hand, orbital, or rotary machine
Compatible with orbital, random orbital,
forced rotation orbital, and rotary machines
Work clean!
To minimize scouring regardless the application method, it is imperative that buffing pads and applicators are regularly cleaned