Mirka Bulldog 3" Random Orbital Finishing Sander

Mirka Bulldog 3" Random Orbital Finishing Sander

Mirka Bulldog 3" Random Orbital Finishing Sander

Mirka Bulldog 3" Random Orbital Finishing Sander
The Mirka® Air-Powered Bulldog Palm Sander is a random orbital machine.  It delivers a 2.5mm ø orbit, and a top speed of 12,000 RPM.The Mirka® Air-Powered Bulldog Palm Sander is compact & lightweight, and is easy to control.  It can be used for sanding and polishing, but polishing pads need to be thin or rigid.  Otherwise, the machine's minuscule motion can be fully absorbed by the pad. Compared to the Rupes® RA75, the Mirka® MR-3 is shorter in height & length, and lighter to boot.  The MR-3 Mirka® 3" Bulldog Air-Powered Palm Sander features a 2.5mm ø orbit, and a top speed of 12,000 RPM.  Comparatively, the Rupes® RA75 features an orbit ø of 3.0mm and a top speed of 11,000 RPM.The MR-3 Mirka® 3" Bulldog Air-Powered Palm Sander features an under-mounted speed control, whereas the Rupes® RA75's speed control is top-mounted. The Mirka MR-3CVC Vacuum Conversion Kit includes a dust collection shroud and a suction port, enabling any 3" Bulldog Sanders to be hooked up to a vacuum. Fits models MR-3, MR-325NV, MR-350, MR-350NV.The Mirka 913G 3" Velcro Backing Plate.The Mirka 913GV 3" Vacuum-Ready Velcro Backing Plate. Features 3 vaccuum holes.The Meguiar's S3FIS 3" Velcro Interface Pad. 1/2" thick.The Mirka 1033 3" Velcro Interface Pad. 3/8" thick.The Mirka 9133 3" Velcro Net Mesh Interface Pad. 3/8" thick. Specifically made for use with Mirka Autonet and Abranet Net Mesh Discs, but works with other discs, too.The Mirka 9947 3" Velcro Pad Protector. 1/8" thick. Place between the backing plate and sanding disc to protect the Velcro hooks on the backing plate. For use with Mirka Autonet and Abranet Net Mesh Discs.
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Bulldog. Compact, comfortable, and built to last.

At the heart of a sanding system is the machine, and Mirka's Bulldog Random Orbital Finishing Sanders are up to the task.

Bulldog Finishing Sanders feature moisture resistant composite rotors, machined (not cast) counterweights, and premium high performance bearings.  They are ergonomically designed, so comfort even during extended use is excellent.  There is no extra padding or shaping added to its spartan design, keeping the MR-3 light and nimble-feeling.

The throttle lever is palm controlled, and maximum speed is adjusted using an easy to reach finger control located at the bottom of the housing (see photos).  Reasonable pricing and top-notch quality make Bulldog sanders a GREAT value.

Also available: Rupes® RA75 3"Air-Powered Palm Sander.

Note: This machine includes a hook & loop backing plate (Mirka part #913G), for use with hook and loop sanding discs. PSA (Peel and Stick Adhesive) sanding discs require an appropriate vinyl-faced backing plate.  For recommendations, see our Backing Plate Main Page.

 OPTION 1:  Add a Vacuum Conversion Kit. 
To keep sanding dust at bay, consider attaching a vaccuum to your Bulldog Finishing Sander! This kit enables you to attach a vacuum hose to your machine. Includes vacuum shroud and tunnel. Super-easy installation.

 OPTION 2:  Add a spare backing plate, save 15%. 
Better to be safe than sorry!  Having a spare backing plate on hand is always smart.  Mirka's 913G 3" Velcro Backing Plate is a direct replacement for the factory installed unit. Should you decide to use this machine outfitted with the Vacuum Conversion Kit, you'll need the Mirka 913GV 3" Velcro Backing Plate, which features 3 vacuum holes (see photos).

 OPTION 3:  Add an interface pad, save 15%. 
By placing an interface pad between the sanding disc and backing plate, discs will more easily conform to curved or complex surfaces.  Should you inadvertently add excessive tilt to the machine during use, an interface pad will help to better distribute pressure across the entire face of the disc.

Non-vacuum interface pad (no holes): Mirka 1033 
Vacuum-ready interface pads (with 3 holes): Mirka 9947 (Pad Protector) | Mirka 9133 (Interface Pad)

Specifications & Notes:
  • Stroke size (rounded):
    MR-3: 3/32" (2.5mm)
    MR-350: 3/16" (5mm)

  • Maximum orbit speed:
    12,000 RPM

  • Power output:
    .28 horsepower (209 watts)
    (wattage rating for comparison
    to electric machines)

  • Recommended air pressure:
    90 PSI (6.2 Bar)

  • Air consumption:
    17 cubic feet/minute (481 liters)
  • Machine weight (inc. backing plate):
    3/32" - 1.17 pounds (531 grams)

  • Backing plate diameter:
    2-13/16" (72 mm)

  • Backing plate type:
    Hook & Loop Face- Mirka model #913G

  • Backing plate thread:

  • Sound level: 80 dBa

  • This is a non-vacuum ready model-
    Mirka conversion kits are listed below

Vacuum Conversion Kits:

This kit includes parts to make the machine compatible with central vacuum systems

This kit includes parts to convert the machine to a self-generating vacuum sander