• Available in 3" or 6" sizes

  • Actual diameter: 3" (76mm), 5-15/16" (150.8mm)

  • Height (thickness): Approximately 1/16" (1.59mm)

  • Backing material: Latex impregnated paper 

  • Backing weights:
    80-150 grade discs: D-weight (thick/stiff)
    180-500 grade discs: C-weight (typical)
    600-1500 grade discs: B-weight (thin/flexible)

  • Bonding: Resin over resin for extended durability

  • Abrasive grains:
    Aluminum Oxide P80-P500
    Silicone Carbide 600-1500 

  • Attachment material:
    Traditional Velcro-style loop, making Silver discs compatible with all hook-style backing plates

  • Full box from Mirka: 50 discs

  • Wet or dry compatible

  • Lubrication:
    Can be used with water, soap & water solution, lubricating oil, machine oil, or high flash point penetrating oil (appropriate liquid is dependent upon the material being worked on)