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KBM - Kevin Brown Method

Alternative Polishing Procedures
Removing Paint Defects via Meguiar's; M205 Ultra Finishing Polish

With the advent of dense automotive paint systems, supercharged buffing compounds & pads, and polishing machines worthy of being classified as swirl-killing weapons... there's a new challenge to contend with: PAINT RESIDUE.

Paint residue is the paint that has been removed during the polishing process. Here's the kicker: its effects can potentially devastate cutting speed and polishing performance.  This article outlines a procedure that just may deliver a faster and more simplified approach compared to using typical "heavy-cut" pads & liquids.

KBM - Kevin Brown Method

Pad Priming and Supplemental Wetting Agents
A Common Sense Approach to Efficient Paint Polishing

Proper priming of the buffing pad and strategic water spritzing can dramatically improve the cutting power and leveling capabilities of your machine.

This article discusses these methods, which are being used by some of the best paint polishing guys in the business.

If you'll take the time to read and comprehend the information contained in this article, I'm confident that you'll be able to achieve stunning polishing results, and save time in the process.

KBM - Kevin Brown Method

The Random Orbital
Machine Stroke - How It Affects Sanding and Polishing Performance

I was always told that for fine sanding, a machine featuring a small orbit or short stroke was best.  I never understood why this was true, because the folks offering the advice either didn't have a reasonable answer, or they had no answer at all.  It just didn't add up.

So, I did what a lot of guys do- I figured it out by scribbling notes & diagrams, thinking things through, and discussing the topic with some of the brainiest people I know.  What I now believe to be correct is written in this article. Hint- I recommend and sell a lot of long-stroke machines!

KBM - Kevin Brown Method

Using Meguiar's M86 and M105 With the Random Orbital 
Original Three-Page Copy, circa 2007

I'm not sure how or why I came up with the recommendations listed in this article, but I am certain it came about during product testing.  A spritz of this, too much of that, a speed adjustment, a bit of machine tilt, a hunch, and who knows what else.  The next thing you know, something miraculous happens.  Lots of guys are using methods similar to the type listed in this non-explanation, directions-only article.

A special thanks to my friends at Meguiar's for including me in all sorts of tests and events.  Namely, Field Marketing Manager for Professional Products Jason Rose, and Director of Training, Mike Pennington.