You don't like to pay for shipping, and neither do we. So how about we split the cost?
For regular shipping you'll pay $5.00, and we'll pay the rest! Here's how it works:

•••• REGULAR SHIPPING. ••••••••••••
Currently, we ship $5 Flat Rate to addresses within the contiguous U.S.A., Hawaii, and Alaska.
Shipping to all other addresses will be quoted on a case-by-case basis (more info listed below). 

• About 90% of all orders ship via USPS Priority Mail.
Post Office restrictions on liquids and aerosols apply.

• Unusually large, expensive, or heavy packages will ship via USPS Parcel Post, or UPS Regular Ground. These two shipping services are similar in price and time of delivery.

•••• EXPEDITED SHIPPING. ••••••••••••
For those times when Priority Mail shipping isn't fast enough (usually 1-3 days en route time), you can opt for USPS Express Mail delivery (1-2 days maximum). For any sort of expedited shipping, you will pay the difference.  

As an example:
• The total actual cost of regular shipping on your order happens to be $15.
Your cost would be $5, and we would pay the remaining $10.

• If the actual cost of expedited shipping turns out to be $35...
You'll pay your original $5, we'll pay our original $10, and you'll pay the $20 difference.  

• For expedited shipping, you must call, text, or e-mail for an accurate price and delivery time.

Invoicing and payments will be run through Paypal® Virtual Terminal. Once your order has been packaged and weighed, we will e-mail an invoice outlining the product prices and shipping fees. 
All shipments are contingent upon a reasonable shipping fee for us. In short, if it costs us more to send a package to you than the profits of the sale... we can't do the deal!

Thanks!  Kevin Brown
Updated 01/20/2019  1:11 a.m.