2" Buffing Pads

2" Buffing Pads

2" Buffing Pads

2" Buffing Pads
This ultra low-profile 2-1/8" Extra-Cut Microfiber Disc looks innocent enough, but make no mistake: It'll turn your Rupes TA50 Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander/Polisher, or your Harbor Freight 93629 2" Mini Orbital Sander into a swirl-killing, ridge-leveling beast! The typical intermediate foam core has been eliminated, which minimizes motion-robbing cushioning (super important when using small stroke machines for the purpose of heavy cutting or leveling).Its foam is more dense than its yellow polishing counterpart.  Although it is designated as a cutting pad, it typically leaves a very nice finish.The 2" yellow foam polishing pad is a very versatile pad. It can be used with compounds featuring micro abrasives, and of course excels when used to apply polishes, waxes, and sealants. Its foam is more dense than its black final-polishing counterpart. A great pad for polishing delicate metals, finicky plastics, and pretty much any surface that needs polishing.The 2" black foam finishing pad is a soft and cushiony pad. It is best used for applying fine polishes, waxes, and sealants.
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Bite-sized pads for tight-area polishing.
Not so long ago, outfitting a polishing machine with super-small pads would have very likely delivered a subpar result. Thankfully, technological advances in buffing liquids & pads have made it possible create a dazzling finish utilizing our 2" Spot Buffing Pads.

These 2" Buffing Pads are must haves for tight-area polishing tasks. When mounted to compact rotary or random orbital polishing machines, these pads can eliminate much of the difficulty and stress commonly associated with critical, tight-area work. Available in microfiber and foam varieties.

// 2" Extra-Cut Microfiber Disc.
Ultra-low profile. Actual diameter: 2-1/8" • 54mm.
This disc features tremendous cutting capability. Typical microfiber pad designs feature an integrated foam core, to aid in countouring. In order to minimize twisting action and consequent absorption of the machine's random orbital motion, its foam core has been eliminated. This is particularly important when using random orbital machines featuring very small stroke diameters. When mounted to a rotary-action polisher, this disc will vastly outperform a comparably-sized wool pad (which is why we don't offer one!)

// 2" Maroon Foam Cutting Pad. (DISCONTINUED - updating soon!)
Available in short profile.  Actual diameter: 2-1/8" • 54mm.
The  maroon  foam pad is designated as a cutting pad. It features a dense foam that is somewhat rigid. Although it was designed for cutting, it leaves a fantastic finish. It is often used for general polishing tasks and final polishing. It's that good!

// 2" Yellow Foam Polishing Pad. (DISCONTINUED - updating soon!)
Available in short profile.  Actual diameter: 2-1/8" • 54mm.
The yellow foam pad is designated as a polishing pad. It features a foam that contours with ease, yet has a rigid enough structure that allows it to be used with compounds, polishes, and waxes.  It is very versatile, and will not mar a finely-polished paint surface.

// 2" Black Foam Finishing Pad. (DISCONTINUED - updating soon!)
Available in short profile.  Actual diameter: 2-1/8" • 54mm.
The black foam pad is designated as a finishing pad. It features a foam that feels soft to the touch, and contours to any surface.  It is generally used for final polishing, and for applying waxes and sealants. Use this pad for achieving maximum clarity on even the most delicate of surfaces.

   Need an even smaller buffing pad system?
Check out these pads in 1-1/4" diameter here.
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