Rupes 5" Microfiber Polishing Pads

Rupes 5" Microfiber Polishing Pads

Rupes 5" Microfiber Polishing Pads

Rupes 5" Microfiber Polishing Pads
With the option of microfiber or foam, there's no reason NOT to choose a Rupes Coarse-Cut Pad! In general, the Blue Coarse Microfiber Cutting Pad is quicker at eliminating severe paint defects. If the task at hand requires the elimination of sanding mark ridges (smooth and glossy sanding marks that have been polished, but are not fully eliminated), the microfiber pad is usually the better choice. However, if the goal is the elimination of heavy oxidation (such as is commonly found on motorhomes, boats, or any other vehicle that is exposed to harsh environmental conditions), then the Blue Coarse Foam Cutting Pad is the better choice. This is because microfiber has a tendency to load with paint residue quicker the the blue foam pad, which is very porous and rigid, and therefore much more difficult to clog with debris.With the option of microfiber or foam, there's no reason NOT to choose a Rupes Polishing or Finishing Pad! While the Medium Microfiber Yellow Finishing Pad delivers an increased level of cutting power, it can at times leave a micro-hazed finish (ultra-fine polishing marks). Should this occur, re-polish any hazed areas with the Yellow Foam Polishing Pad. Either pad is versatile, and able to be successfully used for a variety of fine polishing and waxing tasks.This illustration includes VERY accurate "weight & measures" information. I weighed and measured the pads myself (and made this illustration as well!)
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UFO looks, with"outta-sight!" performance.

Rupes® 5" Microfiber Pads were designed specifically for use with the wonderful line of Rupes BigFoot® Polishing Machines, but they work well with all brands of random orbital polishers.  These pads feature several unique design elements.

Spiral Slots.
The first time you see a Rupes Microfiber Pad, the innovative spiral slots are immediately apparent. It's good to know that the slots weren't cut into the pads just for looks! By removing a portion of each pad via the slots, pad mass has been decreased. This results in a lighter weight, cooler-running pad.  The spiral slots also improve the contouring ability of the pad, allowing it to be comfortably be used on curved, rounded, or complex shapes.  The design engineers at Rupes also claim an improvement in the dispersement of buffing liquids across the pad face.

Patented design = no glue!
Buffing pads are exposed to all sorts of potentially damaging pressures, temperatures, and motions. It's no surprise then that over time, its materials can weaken, tear, or altogether fail. One of the most common (and frustrating) pad failures occurs to its adhesive system (the glue that holds the various layers of a buffing pad together).

The design engineers at Rupes solved this problem by utilizing an injection molding process to combine three intermediate layers into one, effectively replacing the foam core and its surrounding adhesive layers. This process melds rather than glues the Velcro and microfiber layers together.  Another plus: the white foam-like polyurethane resin is durable and resilient, which is a sought after trait when designing any buffing pad.

Low profile, flared-edge design feels agile and comfortble.
If you're a fan of polishing pads that feature a beleved or flared edge (where the Velcro face of the pad is smaller in diameter than its polishing face), you'll appreciate how agile & comfortable these Rupes 5" Microfiber Polishing Pads feel during use.
Rupes Microfiber Pads are available in two grades and three sizes:

• 3"    (080mm Velcro / 100mm pad face)
• 5"    (130mm Velcro / 150mm pad face)
• 6"    (155mm Velcro / 180mm pad face)

Rupes Coarse Microfiber Pads are designed to eliminate heavy paint defects, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. This pad features a short and dense microfiber material, and is perfect for use with virtually any heavy-cut compound, including Rupes Zephir and Rupes Quarz Buffing Gels.

Rupes Fine Microfiber Pads are designed to eliminate ultra-fine swirl marks, haziness, and defects. This pad features a long, soft microfiber material, and is perfect for use with virtually any fine polish, including Rupes Keramik and Rupes Diamond Gloss Buffing Gels.

For ultimate paint clarity: Final-polish each section using a yellow or white Rupes Foam Buffing Pad.

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