Rupes 6" Foam Buffing Pads

Rupes 6" Foam Buffing Pads

Rupes 6" Foam Buffing Pads

Rupes 6" Foam Buffing Pads
This illustration pertaining to the Rupes 150/180mm 6" Foam Buffing Pads includes VERY accurate "weight & measures" information. I weighed and measured the pads myself (and made this illustration as well!)
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These foam pads are built for high-speed WIGGLING!

Large-stroke random orbital machines can really run a foam pad through its paces.  Rupes® designed these pads to perform exceptionally well with their wonderful line of BigFoot® large-stroke random orbital machines.

Rupes Foam Pads feature angle-cut sides, so they fit into tight areas with ease.  The sharply angled shape also eliminates mass, which aids in  maintaining backing plate rotational speed.  With the excess foam removed from the pad, both the pad and machine feel more agile during use, particularly during high-speed polishing.

Rupes Foam Pads are available in four sizes:

• 2.5" (62mm/70mm)
3" (80mm/100mm)
5" (130mm/150mm)
6" (155mm/180mm)

The  blue  pad is designated by Rupes as being a hard cutting pad.  It is a large-pore, thick-wall design.  This pad initially feels very rigid, but becomes more pliable and comfortable to use as the pad warms and saturates with buffing liquid.  The wide open-cell design of this pad keeps it clog-free longer than traditional foam cutting pads, but it may sling a bit if too much compound is used.  To control slinging, do not oversaturate or use an excess amount of compound with this pad.

The  green  pad is designated as being an intermediate cutting pad.  Compared to the blue pad, this pad utilizes a much smaller pore structure, and feels softer to the touch.  Its performance characteristics are more in line with a typical high quality USA-made foam cutting pad.  The green pad can leave a very nice finish, requiring only minimal follow-up polishing.  Many users of this pad have reported it to be their favorite Rupes pad.

The  yellow  pad is designated as being a medium or fine polishing pad.  For general polishing duties, this pad is tough to beat.  It can be used with heavy-cut compounds or finesse-polishes with great success, and should be a staple in your pad arsenal.

The  white  pad is designated as being a soft or ultra-fine finishing pad.
It is very soft and pliable, and is the perfect choice for use on difficult-to-finish paint types.

The   gray   foam pad (no photos shown yet, not available in 2.5") is the new for 2015 UHS Pad, and was designed specifically for use with Rupes UHS Ultra High Solid Solid Surface Polishing Compound. It can also be used with a variety of buffing liquids, including Rupes Zephr, Quarz, and Keramik Buffing Gels. This pad is very dense, and feels simliar to a very firm memory foam.  As it warms during use, it becomes soft and pliable, enabling it to cut remarkably well, yet leave a scour-free finish. This pad should be cleaned often during use, in order to avoid saturation of the foam. Otherwise, the pad can be difficult to clean, because it does not collapse and recoil rapidly.

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