Rupes 6" Interface Pad

Rupes 6" Interface Pad

Rupes 6" Interface Pad

Rupes 6" Interface Pad
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Super-low profile adds just enough cushioning for most sanding situations.

In the world of sanding, rigidity equals leveling ability.  This means that if you wish to eliminate peaks, shrinkage, or orange peel texture from a surface, the sanding disc must be able eliminate the high-lying points without affecting the low-lying points.

Certainly, this can be accomplished by using sanding discs that feature a very rigid backing material.  However, fully rigid sanding discs are not reasonable to use for most tasks, as their performance would mimic a that of a grinding disc (cutting deep into surfaces, as opposed to refining them).

For this reason, most sanding discs available today are able to flex, or bend.  To enable maximum flexibility of the disc, the backing plate must also have an ability to shape to the surface being sanded.  Since most backing plates are somewhat rigid, an interface pad placed between the backing plate & sanding disc increases the disc's ability to contour to all sorts of shapes.

The Rupes 981.460 6" Interface Pad is very thin, measuring only 1/4" in height.  If you're looking to add a minimal amount of cushioning, this one is hard to beat!  It's also the perfect choice for sanding machines that feature very small orbital motions, because interface pads that are excessively tall or pliable can absorb machine motion... to the point of making it almost useless!

High quality, built to last.

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Actual diameter: 5-7/8" Actual height: 1/4"