Rupes Detailing Liquids

Rupes Detailing Liquids

Rupes Detailing Liquids

Rupes Detailing Liquids
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Rupes Detailing Liquids. The beginning of something good.

     New to the USA... Rupes Detailing Liquids!     
They're so new, I have not had the chance to try all of these products yet! I apologize for not having adequate information and feedback at this time.

There are four exciting new Detailing Liquids from Rupes:

L301 Leather Fast Cleaner (500mL / 16.9oz)
D401 Glass Cleaner (500mL / 16.9 oz.)
M501 Multi Purpose Degreaser (500mL / 16.9 oz.)
C701 Wheel Fast Cleaner (1 liter / 33.8 oz.)

L301 Leather Fast Cleaner delicately cleans and protects all varieties of leather (protection is very light). When used in conjunction with one of the (4) included melamine cleaning sponges, cleaning action is rapid.  Note: Please be certain to test on an inconspicuous area when using with the melamine sponge, as certain materials may discolor, or scour. 

D401 Glass Cleaner features is a low-viscosity gel formula, which allows for a bit of extra "cling time" when sprayed onto interior & exterior glass surfaces. A quick test blast of D401 indicated a mild cleaning action (seemed gentle), without a strong chemical scent. Ready-to-use mixture, however, it would very likely achieve a similar result in diluted form, particularly in warmer climates (where evaporation would be overly rapid).

M501 Multi-Purpose Degreaser is safe for use on all interior and exterior surfaces. It is truly designed as an all purpose cleaner. M501 is shipped with one seriously stout, heavy duty scrub towel (no-nap microfiber, I think). Ready-to-use mixture, but as is the case with virtually all cleaning products, dilution via water generally delivers a satisfactory cleaning result on lightly soiled materials. Note: At this time, no dilution chart has been provided. As soon as I have this information I will list it here!

C701 Wheel Fast Cleaner features a color changing action as it dissolves iron oxide particulate. As its name implies, it works fast! For the time being, count C701 as being in the category of the latest generation of wheel cleaners: color changing, safe for use on all wheel surfaces. Note: As usual, please be certain to test on an inconspicuous area when dealing with sensitive wheel finishes, such as anodizded aluminum, or polished aluminum surfaces (especially cast-&-polished, such as the center caps on old-style "Boyds®", or "Prime®" brand wheels).

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Since these products are so new to the market, we've decided to offer an introductory discount! Receive 10% off regular price for individual bottles, and an additional 10% off when you purchase all four in a set!