Meguiar's 6" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc

Meguiar's 6" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc

Meguiar's 6" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc

Meguiar's 6" DA Microfiber Cutting Disc
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Polishing paint will never be the same.

Meguiar's DA Microfiber Cutting Discs are designed for use with dual-action and orbital machines. These discs allow the average Joe to polish paint like a buffing guruHow big a deal are these fuzzy little discs?  Well, without sounding ridiculous or overblowing things...

I'd say they're black magic BIG.

Quite a statement, but I have approximately 30 years of polishing experience under my belt, so take it for what its worth. When used properly, these discs can deliver rotary-like cutting speed, without the treacherous learning curve and heat-generating speeds associated with rotary machines. 

This is a cutting disc, which means it was designed for quick and accurate removal of swirls, scratches, and other light to moderate surface defects. Although these pads have been optimized for use with Meguiar's DA Correction Compound, they work incredibly well with other D/A compatible compounds and polishes.  Meguiar's DA Microfiber Cutting Discs are machine washable, so they can be used over and over, making them a great value.

Easy to use, safe on edges, & jaw dropping performance.  
What are you waiting for?

Looking for a different size disc?

These discs are also available in 3" and 5" versions.

For final polishing:
Follow up with a DMF6 Meguiar's 6" DA Microfiber Finishing Disc and D301 Meguiar's DA Finishing Wax.

Need a backing plate that will optimize pad performance?
Check out the Meguiar's S6BP Professional 6" Backing Plate.

Great deals!
Check out our DA Microfiber Combo Pack here.

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Quantity Price
1 - 4
5 - 11
$13.30 Save 11%
$12.25 Save 18%
Actual pad diameter: 6-1/4" No swirls…guaranteed!*
*See package for details
Actual pad height: 5/8" Recommended compound:
Meguiar's D300 DA Microfiber Correction Compound
Attachment material: low-profile loop
Compatible with all hook-style backing
Safe to use:
Okay for use with all D/A compatible compounds and polishes
Recommended backing plate:
Meguiar's S6BP 6" Professional
Backing Plate
For final polishing:
Follow up with Meguiar's DMF6 DA Microfiber Finishing Disc and D301 DA Microfiber Finishing Wax
Durable and washable:
Can be washed via hand, pad cleaning
machine, or washing machine
Do not use fabric softener or bleach!
For metal polishing:
Use a dedicated pad for metal polishing- do not use for polishing paint once pad has been used for metal polishing!
Clean often!
For optimal cleaning:
Blow disc clean using compressed air

If compressed air is not available, agitate microfibers using a soft bristled nylon brush,
then place disc face onto a microfiber towel and run pad against it using a low-speed machine setting

Clean until disc looks debris-free and fluffy
Use caution when cleaning pads!
Debris can fling at high speed and lodge into eyes- wear eye protection

If cleaning discs by placing the face of the disc into a towel and running the machine, make certain that the towel does not come into contact with the machine's drive spindle