Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit

Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit

Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit

Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit
Replace the factory plastic bolts with polished button head stainless steel bolts! Nicer looking, plus they allow you to super-tighten the head cap assembly (which always seems to loosen up when using the plastic screws).
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A BIG deal on the LEGACY BigFoot® machine, pads, & gels.

Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit.

 NOTE:  This Deluxe Kit includes the original LEGACY BigFoot Polisher.
You can find the updated MARK ll Deluxe Kit here.

The Rupes® line of BigFoot® products is intriguing, partly because it's only recently been introduced to the North America market.  Knowing this, the guys at Rupes decided to make it easy on us curious folk by offering all of the BigFoot products in a beatifully packaged kit!

The anchor of the Kit: the Rupes LEGACY BigFoot® Polisher.
The moment you see a Rupes BigFoot Electric Random Orbital Polisher, your interest is piqued: this is no cookie-cutter machine. Upon speaking with the designer of the BigFoot Marco D'Inca, he proudly boasted that development of the machine took approximately 2-1/2 years!  Much of that time was focused on making sure that the BigFoot felt balanced during use, so that its massive cutting power would be easy to control.

There are two versions of the machine to choose from:

LHR15ES: 5" LEGACY Machine (5" diameter backing plate, 15mm orbit diameter)
LHR21ES: 6" LEGACY Machine (6" diameter backing plate, 21mm orbit diameter)

Rupes BigFoot® Buffing Pads & Gels... Marco Approved!
Although you most certainly can use a variety of buffing pads and liquids with your BigFoot machine, Rupes has developed a full line of BigFoot Foam Buffing Pads and Gels to optimize the polishing experience. Included in the kit are four different grades of buffing pads and gels.  There's no guesswork either, because the bottle caps are color-coded to match the foam pads (blue, green, yellow, white).  Are these guys making this easy, or what?!

A Rupes BigFoot® Duffle Bag and Apron keep both you and your goods neat, clean, & organized.
Safely and efficiently transport your BigFoot System using the BigFoot Semi-Rigid Duffle Bag.  This bag is BIG and strong!  (22"L x 12"W x 12"H).  The interior of the bag features two large pockets (designed to securely hold buffing pads or large items), four small ring-style pockets (designed to hold 250ml bottles of polishing gel), four large ring-style pockets (designed to hold larger bottles of gels or liquids), and a Velcro hold-down strap (designed to secure the BigFoot machine to the bottom of the bag). There's enough left-over room in the bag to hold a bevy of detail supplies (another BigFoot machine, extension cords, extra pads, toweling, etc.)

Four external embroidered pockets allow you to store other useful detailing supplies.  Two side straps and one shoulder strap ensure easy transporting of the duffle and its contents.  Also included: Rupes BigFoot Screenprinted Apron, and a plush microfiber towel.

The Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit includes: 

5" or 6" LEGACY BigFoot Electric Random Orbital Polisher

Buffing Gels (250ml / 8.45oz):
(1) Zephir Coarse Compounding Gel
(1) Quarz Medium Compounding Gel
(1) Keramik Fine Gloss Polishing Gel
(1) Diamond Ultra Fine Polishing Gel      All Gels Info

Foam Buffing Pads (5" or 6", kit dependent):
(1) Blue Coarse Foam Cutting Pad
(1) Green Intermediate Foam Cutting Pad
(1) Yellow Fine Polishing Pad
(1) White Ultra Fine Finishing Pad     All Pad Info

(1) Embroidered BigFoot Semi-Rigid Duffle Bag
(1) Screenprinted BigFoot Apron
(4) Color-Coded Microfiber Towels

What are you waiting for?!
The Rupes LEGACY BigFoot Deluxe Edition Kit takes the guesswork out of developing your own polishing system.  The only decision you need to make is whether you want the 5-inch or 6-inch system.  All of the components included in the kit have been designed to work synergistically, enabling you to achieve world-class results in a short period of time. Since this is a kit, Rupes has included one other very valuable feature: a BIG discount!  

Decide on the 5-inch or 6-inch system... and place your order today!

 NOTE:  This Deluxe Kit includes the original LEGACY BigFoot Polisher.
You can find the updated MARK ll Deluxe Kit here.