Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Compound

Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Compound

Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Compound

Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Compound
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Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound is a technological marvel, and should be sold at twice its price.  Cutting edge ingredients enable M100 to rapidly eliminate paint defects such as oxidation, surface scratching, scuff marks, hard water spots, and bird dropping etch-marks. Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound cuts quickly, but leaves a finish that'll have you scratching your head in amazement. Oftentimes, M100 is capable of leaving a paint surface ready for wax!

Meguiar's SMAT Technology. It's in there!
Traditional cutting compounds use a slurry of abrasive grains and liquid to remove paint defects. Once the compounding step is complete, it's not uncommon to see a hazy appearance across the paint surface.  This hazy appearance is created as the compound's abrasive grains scrub paint away, leaving behind a multitude of micro-fine scratch marks. To eliminate the haziness, one or more follow-up polishing steps is almost always required.

Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound avoids this "drama" by employing a secret weapon called SMAT, or Super Micro Abrasive Technology.  In layman's terms, SMAT uses cutting-edge abrasives that are very tiny, consistently sized, and extremely durable.  If needed, M100 is able to be used for an extended period of time.  In most cases, it is not necessary to repeatedly polish a particular (one or two back and forth passes usually does the trick!)

Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound is designed for use via rotary buffer.
Although this product was originally designed for use with a high-speed rotary polisher, it performs remarkably when applied via random orbital polisher.  If you happen to accomplish your polishing work utilizing a Rupes® BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher... you will be stunned by the cutting speed and final finish this combination can create.  M100 can be used with wool, microfiber, and foam buffing pads.

Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound leaves a very nice finish.
Sometimes, no follow-up polishing is necessary.  The most important thing you can do to achieve optimum finishing results with M100 is to keep the buffing pad clean.   Should any micro-marring exist, it can be removed with a follow-up application of Meguiar's M205 Ultra Finishing Polish.

Are you a fan of Meguiar's M105 Professional Ultra-Cut Compound?
The next time your run low on M105, give M100 a try!  While M105 may still have an advantage in terms of cutting speed, it is not always the case.  This is because Meguiar's M100 Professional Pro Speed Compound tends to stay wet longer, which can increase its working time.  Plus, the added moisture assists in keeping the abrasives from sticking to the paint surface, so wipe off is a snap!

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Incredible cutting power
Please read label for specific use information
Super-Micro Abrasive Technology (SMAT)
Quickly removes light to moderate defects
Non-scouring formula
Typically leaves a very refined finish
Works well in hot & cold climates
Worldwide testing ensures consistent performance, regardless the environment
For super fine polishing
Follow up with Meguiar's M205
Ultra Finishing Polish
Body Shop Safe
Contains no ingredients that may cause paint adherence issues, such as fisheye
Apply via hand, orbital, or rotary machine
Compatible with orbital, random orbital,
forced rotation orbital, and rotary machines
Work clean!
To minimize scouring regardless the application method, it is imperative that buffing pads and applicators are regularly cleaned