Meguiar's Professional Polymer Sealant

Meguiar's Professional Polymer Sealant

Meguiar's Professional Polymer Sealant

Meguiar's Professional Polymer Sealant
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An all-time favorite and best kept secret.

This product is a real sleeper.  Unless someone has recommended that you try Meguiar's Professional Polymer Sealant, you probably would have never learned of its existence, until now of course.

You won't find Polymer Sealant in your run of the mill auto parts joint.  Typically, the only way to get a bottle is by ordering one in from your local paint & body supply depot.  Most of them don't stock it... but we DO!

Although Polymer Sealant will cost you a few bucks more than a typical over the counter retail product, it's a real value, with performance that rivals boutique waxes costing several times more.  No kidding!  What makes it so great?

Polymer Sealant is remarkably easy to use.
Wipe on and wipe off are a breeze!  It can be applied via hand, orbital, or rotary machines.

Polymer Sealant features mild cleaning agents that will not scour.  
It can be safely used on paints and gelcoats alike, making it a great choice for large vehicles such as SUV's, boats, and RV's.  It was not designed to remove deep scratching, but will easily lift away grimy oxidation and softer, stuck-on contaminants, such as fresh tree sap & tar and bug remanants.

Polymer Sealant leaves a durable and glossy protective coating.
How does this product deliver the best of both worlds?  Polymer Sealant is a hybrid formulation that combines natural waxes, specialized silicones, and expensive polymers.  
Together, they create a finish that is surprisingly glossy and durable.  

Polymer Sealant is concentrated, so a little goes a loooong way.
The thinner you can apply Polymer Sealant, the better.  Not only will you use less product, but a thinner coat is incredibly easy to remove.

I've been using Polymer Sealant for nearly two decades, and believe that it ranks among the best Meguiar's has to offer.  Once you try some, I think you'll agree with me!

Available in pints and half-gallons.

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Hybrid blend
Exotic polymers, silicones,
and imported natural waxes
Mild cleaning agents
Quickly removes light to moderate oxidation
and soft stuck-on contaminants
Rich concentrated formula
Delivers lower cost per use
For use with all paints and gel coats
Use on automobiles, boats, & RV's
Long lasting gloss & protection
Rivals the performance of boutique
products costing much more
Easy on, easy off application
Saves time and effort