Meguiar's Professional Synthetic Sealant

Meguiar's Professional Synthetic Sealant

Meguiar's Professional Synthetic Sealant

Meguiar's Professional Synthetic Sealant
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Complicated technology makes it easy to use!

Meguiar's has been hard at work imagining, designing, and creating products that'll make waxing work-free!

Okay, so they haven't been able to accomplish automatic waxing just yet, but they sure came close with the introduction of Meguiar's Professional Synthetic Sealant.

This fantastic product delivers unparalleled  durability and ease of use, all in one package.

Synthetic Sealant is remarkably easy to use.
Simply apply Synthetic Sealant and remove right away if you'd like.  No resting time is necessary.  Synthetic Sealant can be applied by hand, or via orbital machine.

Synthetic Sealant produces a noticeably deeper, darker, more reflective paint finish.  
If your car sees everyday use, it most certainly gets its share of everyday abuse.  It wouldn't be sensible to remove fine scratches and swirls every time they appear.  Synthetic Sealant can hide light to moderate defects by temporarily filling them with synthetic polymers.  The result is a finish that appears show-ready, and it only takes a few minutes to apply.  

Synthetic Sealant is remarkably durable, thanks to its bonding capability.
The same synthetic polymers that hide fine scratches and swirls also provide outstanding protection from the elements.

Synthetic Sealant can help to stop the formation of water spots!
Meguiar's developed its proprietary Hydrophobic Polymer Protection™ to minimize the formation of water spots.  Instead of beading atop the paint surface, the majority of standing water sheets away!  Remaining water remnants will have a tough time fighting its way through Synthetic Sealant to the paint surface.  The result?  Permanent water spotting is virtually a thing of the past. 

Did you ever think you could relax while waxing?  Thanks to Meguiar's... now you can!

Available in pints and half-gallons.

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Synthetic Polymer Formulation
Provides durable, long lasting protection
that is slippery to the touch
Hydrophobic Polymer Protection™
Minimizes water spotting via sheeting action and saves drying time after washing
Gloss enhancing
Hides scratches & swirls
For use with all paints and gel coats
Use on automobiles, boats, & RV's
Rich concentrated formula
Delivers lower cost per use
Easy on, easy off application
Saves time and effort