Meguiar's Professional Hi-Tech Yellow Wax

Meguiar's Professional Hi-Tech Yellow Wax

Meguiar's Professional Hi-Tech Yellow Wax

Meguiar's Professional Hi-Tech Yellow Wax
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Less like CSI Miami, more like Miami Vice.

In the 1980's, Miami Vice was the show to see, and clear coat paint systems were just starting to hit the streets.  Paint polishing guys still had to deal with single stage paints, but our products had to be safe for use on clear coats, too.

Thankfully, Meguiar's introduced a technologically advanced line of products specifically tailored for use with the new clear coat paint systems.  Meguiar's M26 Professional Hi-Tech Yellow Wax was the crown jewel of that system, and it's still a major player today.

Wow... talk about getting something right!

• Hi-Tech Yellow Wax is a Carnauba wax blend.
Carnauba wax is a natural wax that is known for its incredible clarity and durability.  Meguiar's went one step further and fortified Hi-Tech Yellow Wax with silicones, polymers, and other waxes to further enhance gloss and extend durability. If you appreciate the glow that carnauba wax imparts upon a perfectly polished paint finish, then Hi-Tech Yellow Wax is for you.  If you've never tried Carnauba wax... you're in for a treat!

• Hi-Tech Yellow Wax applies easily, and removal is a snap.
Some carnauba-based car waxes can be a real bear to remove.  
Not only is Hi-Tech yellow Wax a breeze to apply, it wipes away with ease.

• Hi-Tech Yellow Wax contains no dedicated cleaning agents.
To achieve maximum gloss and durability, Hi-Tech Yellow Wax must be applied to paint that is free of oxidation.  Ideally, paint should be in pristine condition before applying Hi-Tech Yellow Wax.

• Hi-Tech Yellow Wax is convenient to use.
It's available in paste and liquid form.  The paste version includes a soft foam applicator pad for the traditionalists among us.  The liquid version can be applied via hand or orbital machine.

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Features Carnauba wax
Delivers stunning gloss with
impressive durability
Scientifically advanced formula
Fortified with silicones, polymers, and other waxes for improved gloss and durability
For clean and smooth finishes only
Paint surface must be oxidation-free

For best results, use a finishing polish
or hand glaze prior to application
Available in paste and liquid versions
Paste version includes soft foam applicator

Liquid version can be applied via hand or
orbital machine