Meguiar's So1o™ Cut & Polish Cream

Meguiar's So1o™ Cut & Polish Cream

Meguiar's So1o™ Cut & Polish Cream

Meguiar's So1o™ Cut & Polish Cream
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Looking for a buffing liquid that can do it all?

Meguiar's So1o™ Cut & Polish Cream comes close!

This liquid really hits the mark!  It is the central component of the Solo™ One Liquid System, originally designed for professional’s who demand a simple approach to achieving swirl-free results when machine polishing. 

Featuring Meguiar's world-renowned Unigrit™ Abrasive Technology, this user-friendly polishing cream is engineered to be used both as a compound and a final polish.

Although it was originally designed for use on properly cured fresh paint, it has proven to be effective on most paint types, including OEM, aftermarket, single stage, and basecoat/clearcoat systems.

This ingenious system eliminates confusion of product choice, does away with cross-contamination of compounds and polishes, and delivers a swirl-free final finish.

You won't see any harsh scouring of the surface when using So1o™ Cut & Polish Cream.
Its non-diminishing abrasives are small in shape, consistently sized, and remarkably durable.

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