Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Antique Bottles

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Antique Bottles

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Antique Bottles

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Antique Bottles
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In 1901, Meguiar’s started out as the Mirror Bright Company.  Located in Evansville, IN, Mirror Bright offered an array of furniture polishes.  The company later moved to Pasadena, CA and began producing car polishes and waxes.

After WWII, Meguiar’s changed the name of their automotive products to Mirror Glaze.  Meguiar’s, or Mirror Glaze as it was known, bottled their products in glass bottles from the very beginning.

It was not until the 1960’s that the company began the transition to clear plastic bottles, eventually settling on tan bottles.  

These early glass bottles are extremely hard to find, since most were thrown in the trash or recycled when empty.

It is one thing to come across a glass bottle of Mirror Glaze, but it is even more difficult to find a bottle filled with the original, hand poured product.  My friend Chris Dasher (also known as PorscheGuy997 on various detailing forums), tracked these beauties down a while back.  From Chris:

“These are some of the nicest bottles I have in my collection.  Some bottles are easier to find than others. For example, I run across a bottle of Sealer and Reseal, which some of you may recognize as M07 Show Car Glaze, about once a month. They are easier to find because many people found that it worked exceptionally well on the lacquer paints of the day.”

“It has been years since I last came across a bottle of Hand Cleaner or New Car Glaze. These bottles contain the original product from the 50’s, and believe it or not, the product is still useable!  Although the Hand Cleaner bottle’s label is in slightly better condition, the New Car Polish has an almost perfect back label.  

Times have changed and people have moved on, but Meguiar’s still produces New Car Glaze (M05 New Car Glaze) and Hand Cleaner (M04 Heavy Cut Cleaner).  There’s nothing like getting it right the first time!”

These would make a great addition to any classic car owner's memorabilia collection.


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