Mirka Shark Blade De-Nibber

Mirka Shark Blade De-Nibber

Mirka Shark Blade De-Nibber

Mirka Shark Blade De-Nibber
PSA (peel and stick adhesive) sanding roses (aka rosettes) are available in sheets of 10.<br>Available in 1500 and 2000 grades.
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What is that blade thingy?!

The Mirka Shark Blade is a handy little tool, capable of removing dirt nibs and high spots in a few quick passes. To use, simply tilt the blade onto its chamfered edge and gently push against dirt nibs or paint blobs, runs, & sags.  To better understand how it works, imagine having the cutting power of a razor, without the flexibility issues associated with a thin blade.  

The Shark Blade is made of carbide steel (similar to the metal used to make the cutting portions of drill bits, router bits, and radial saw blades).  This enables the chamfered edges of the Shark Blade to remain  sharp & true, ebabling it to slice through debris for years.

OPTION 1:  Add a Sanding Drum, save 15%*. 
A sanding drum is the perfect handheld tool for all sorts of small sanding tasks. Use one in conjunction with a sanding rosette or disc for removing blend lines on airbrushed touch-ups, for leveling fills on rock chips, and for eliminating dirt nibs in factory or aftermarket paints.

The Mirka FD-1 Sanding Drum is built using a semi-rigid polyurethane foam topped with durable blue vinyl ends.

 OPTION 2:  Add Sanding Rosettes, save 15%. 
When used with Mirka Waterproof Sanding Rosettes or Mirka Polarstar Spot Repair Discs, this small yet comfy utensil makes spot repairs and confined sanding jobs a breeze to complete.  Ten rosettes per sheet.

  • Blade Dimensions:
    1-7/8" long x 1-1/16" tall x 1/8" thick
  • Carrying pouch:
    2-3/8" x 2"