Meguiar's 8" Cut 'N Shine Wool Pad

Meguiar's 8" Cut 'N Shine Wool Pad

Meguiar's 8" Cut 'N Shine Wool Pad

Meguiar's 8" Cut 'N Shine Wool Pad
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A Meguiar's mainstay.

This pad has a tremendous following.  Run the rounds, and you'll see them in paint & body shops, detail shops, and weekend warrior garages. Why so popular?  Bang for the buck!   Let's go over the features.

The backing is the sturdy part of the buffing pad to which the twisted wool fibers are attached.  This particular pad features a curved backing, so should you happen to run the pad's edge into a pillar (or some other part of the vehicle that is not parallel to the polishing surface), the curved backing to will not contact that surface.  Drama avoided!

The curved backing makes this pad a great choice for curved surfaces, too.   Pads that use a completely flat backing can be dangerous to use on curved or complex shapes, especially if you are a buffing novice.

Bottom line: For those of you that move the polisher quickly or don't have a lot of time to spend on a car or simply don't have a lot of polishing experience, the curved edge can be a big plus.

The attachment material is Velcro®, so it is convenient to use.   If you don't own a backing plate that uses Velcro, but instead have a rubber backing plate and metal nut, this pad has a hole cut into the center for mounting purposes.  Another option: Meguiar's offers backing plates with centering plugs built right into them.   Simply line up the pad with the centering plug, and you've got perfect pad alignment.  Either way... you're set!

Let's see... feature packed, great price, and easy to use. Yup- it's a bargain!

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Check out the Meguiar's W65 Professional 6-3/8" Rotary Backing Plate.

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Check out the Meguiar's W5000 Double Sided Wool Cutting Pad 

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  • Actual pad diameter: 9-1/2"

  • Actual backing diameter: 8"

  • Attachment material:
    Velcro® hook

  • For use with all cutting compounds and polishes
  • Curved backing:
    Great for beginners and for polishing curved or complex shapes

  • Recommended backing plate:
    Meguiar's W65 Professional Rotary Backing Plate