Meguiar's 4" Soft Buff Foam Pads

Meguiar's 4" Soft Buff Foam Pads

Meguiar's 4" Soft Buff Foam Pads

Meguiar's 4" Soft Buff Foam Pads
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Just like their big brothers, only smaller.

A lot of manufacturers take an already available foam, glue a loop backing onto one side, and then slice it into little pucks.  Done. Not so with these beauties.  They were designed to deliver optimum performance as a small pad.  Take a look at that profile!

The flared sides of the pad allow it to be used on complex shapes and tightly curved areas.  The curved edge at the face of the pad fits virtually any curved surface like a racing tire, and won't rip or tear like common square-edged pads.  These pads are very durable, and machine washable to boot.

The  maroon  pad is stiffer than the others, and is designed to  be used for heavy defect removal and surface leveling.

The  yellow  pad offers improved contourability, and is a great choice for general polishing duties.

The  black  pad is soft and pliable, and is the perfect choice for final polishing.

Note: The original part numbers of these pads have been discontinued.

• W7204 is now G3507 | Meguiar's Maroon Cutting Pad
• W8204 is now G3508 | Meguiar's Yellow Polishing Pad
• W9204 is now G3509 | Meguiar's Black Finishing Pad

We sell these pads individually (not in 2-packs).

For optimum performance:
This pad should be used in conjunction with a Meguiar's Professonal Backing Plate.

For use with random orbital or dual action machines:
Meguiar's DBP3 Soft Buff 3" DA Backing Plate.

To view our entire buffing pad lineup, visit the Buffing Pad Main Page.

Quantity Price
1 - 4
Actual diameter: 4" Attachment material diameter: 3"
Actual height: 1-3/16" Color code:
maroon pad: for cutting or leveling
yellow pad: for general or contour polishing
black pad: for contour or finish polishing
Recommended Rotary Backing Plate:
Meguiar's W63 Rotary Polisher Backing Plate
Recommended D/A Backing Plate:
Meguiar's S3BP Professional Backing Plate & Adapter Kit