Meguiar's 7"  Wool Buffing Pad

Meguiar's 7"  Wool Buffing Pad

Meguiar's 7" Wool Buffing Pad

Meguiar's 7"  Wool Buffing Pad
1" long twisted wool fibers have been optimized for moderate to heavy defect removalUnique blend of 1" fibers have been optimized for light to moderate defect removalShown with Meguiar's W66 Easy-Buff Backing PlateFlat backing design means polishing is fast and easily controlled
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These pads cut fast, leave a nice finish, and don't feel like you're steering a land yacht!

Originally designed as an integral part of the Meguiar's So1o™ One Liquid System, this pad has since become a top seller. I especially like how agile and spartan this pad feels- not bulky or puffy like heavier pads.

The one-inch long wool fibers are attached to a flat backing, so they lay down a rather large footprint compared to wool pads that feature a curved backing.   A small detail perhaps, but one that delivers a large benefit- accurate placement of the buffing pad.  How so?  

Oftentimes, curved-back pads obscure the edges of panels, so it can be hard to judge whether the pad is buffing near the edge of a panel, or on the edge... not good!

The  maroon  pad is designated a heavy cutter.
It features 100% wool, 1" twisted fibers that will quickly and effectively remove sanding marks & harsh surface defects.

The feel of these pads is more sportscar-like than land yacht, which is a nice change.  After buffing with wool, use a Meguiar's 7" Professional Soft Buff Rotary Foam Buffing Pad to finish things off.

To view our entire buffing pad lineup, visit the Buffing Pad Main Page.

Actual diameter: 7" Wool fiber height: 1"
Attachment material diameter: 5-7/8" Attachment material: Velcro® loop
Maroon pad: 100% twisted wool
For heavy cutting or leveling
Yellow pad: Unique wool blend
For light cutting and for use on delicate finishes
Flat pad design:
Expands cutting area to reduce buffing time
Recommended backing plate:
Meguiar's WRSBP 6" Soft Buff Rotary SOFT Backing Plate