Meguiar's 7"  Wool Buffing Pad

Meguiar's 7"  Wool Buffing Pad

Meguiar's 7" Wool Buffing Pad

Meguiar's 7"  Wool Buffing Pad
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These pads cut fast, leave a nice finish, and don't feel like you're steering a land yacht!

The Meguiar's WRWHC7 7" Wool Buffing Pad features 3/4-inch long wool fibers that are attached to a flat backing, so they lay down a rather large footprint compared to wool pads that feature a curved backing. Although curved pads contour well, they can obscure the edges of panels, so it can be hard to judge whether the pad is buffing near the edge of a panel, or on the edge. The feel of these pads is more sportscar-like than land yacht, which is a nice change.

The WRWHC7 features Velcro attachment material, but can be used with old-school rubber backing plates with metal mounting nuts, as the pad has a hole cut into its center for mounting purposes. Designed for use with 6" diameter backing plates.

 Add a Meguiar's 6" Velcro Backing Plate.
Maximize polishing potential by installing a durable, highy performance backing plate.
Choose between rigid or soft versions More info: Rigid 6" Plate | Soft 6" Plate

 Add a Meguiar's 7" Foam Buffing Pad. 
Three grades of foam ensure that just about any polishing task can be comfortably & efficiently accomplished. They can be used with a wide variety of buffing liquids, and are machine washable. More info: Rotary Foam Pads

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  • Actual pad diameter: 8-1/2"

  • Actual backing diameter: 6-3/8"

  • Attachment material:
    Velcro loop
  • Flat backing:
    Large footprint vs pads featuring a curved-backing

  • Recommended backing plate:
    Meguiar's WRBP or WRSBP