Working on complex shapes?  Abralon® takes the fear away!

Is contourability a word?  Regardless, it is the key to Abralon's success.  Compared to a disc that remains flat or firm while flexing, Abralon® discs feature a high level of contourability.  In other words, the abrasive particles affixed to Abralon's knitted fabric face are able to accurately follow the topography of the surface being sanded.  How is this accomplshed?

First, the thin yet strong knitted fabric face easily flexes and bends, so the sanding abrasives stay planted atop the surface being sanded.  Openings in the fabric allow water, solvent, and air to flow freely around the abrasive particles, keeping things cool and clean.

Next, the integrated foam center of the disc helps to evenly distribute sanding pressure.  This is a big deal when machine sanding, and virtually eliminates "finger marks" when hand sanding.  Additionally, the foam has been designed to retain water or solvents for lubrication and cooling.

Finally, the grip-style attachment material is thin and pliable, so its effect on overall performance is minimal.  Abralon discs attach to any hook style backing plate, too, so specialty plates are not necessary.  The photos below show Abralon's three layers and a magnified shot of the knitted fabric face and attached sanding particles:

Leveling ability versus Contourability.
Throughout this site, there is a lot of discussion pertaining to the leveling ability or contourability of a disc.  For the record:

Leveling ability is the potential ability of a disc to plane a surface flat (or true).
Contourability is the potential ability of a disc to conform to curved or complex shapes.

Abralon® discs excel in terms of their ability to contour.  However, since the integrated foam cushioning and backing materials are so pliable, leveling ability is not a strong point.

Compared to film-backed discs featuring a similar grit size and backing thickness, here is how Abralon discs rank in terms of leveling ability and contourability:

Bottom line? If you have not yet tried an Abralon disc, I strongly recommend it.  They're incredibly easy to use, and are unbeatable in terms of their contouring ability. Abralon® discs are gentle on edges and curves, and last a long time.  Once you try Abralon® discs, there's a very good chance that they will become a mainstay in your sanding arsenal.  They certainly are in mine!