"That’s a sanding disc?!”

A common statement, typically made by somebody seeing an Abranet disc for the first time.  I won’t bother to type their response once they actually use an Abranet disc... because the words of excitement are usually very shocking! Abranet discs feature net mesh technology.

Abranet discs without a doubt will surprise you, just as they did a friend of mine.  He restores a lot of plastic headlights.  His initial impression of net mesh disc technology was very interesting, but not surprising.  "Compared to my other discs, these are so easy to control, and they cut fast.  I thought I was doing something wrong before.  What a relief!"

He was referring to the fact that when used wet, ordinary film-backed discs have a tendency to hydroplane.    When this occurs, the disc wanders about, and can be difficult to control.  Abranet’s net mesh design eliminates this problem by allowing the lubricating liquids to easily migrate to and from the work surface, using the holes in the mesh as a passageway.

Working with wood, body fillers, or fiberglass?  Then you’ll appreciate how well a vacuum system works with these discs.  In fact, Abranet’s net mesh technology is immensely popular in the woodworking and drywall industries.  Both of these industries are notorious for being dusty, but not anymore... thanks to the net mesh technolgy used to make Abranet!

Leveling ability versus Contourability.
Throughout this site, there is a lot of discussion pertaining to the leveing ability and contourability of a disc.  For the record:

Leveling ability is the potential ability of a disc to plane a surface flat (or true).
Contourability is the potential ability of a disc to conform to curved or complex shapes.

In terms of leveling power and contourability, Abranet discs deliver the best of BOTH worlds.  By choosing the ideal interface pad and varying machine speed, Abranet discs become unbeatably versatile!   Compared to film-backed discs featuring a similar grit size and backing thickness, here is how Abranet discs rank in terms of leveling ability and contourability:

Thanks to its net mesh backing, Abranet discs work well wet or dry, and stay clean longer than traditional film-backed discs.  If you had to use just one style of disc to tackle various sanding duties... Abranet discs would be HARD TO BEAT!