Part Number:
Actual Diameter:
4 - 13/16"
Thread size:
5/16 - 24
Backing Material:
I've used a number of these backing plates over the years, and have been very impressed with their indestructability and holding power.  This plate features a traditional flare-shaped edge, allowing for progressive flexibility over contours and curves. The low profile hook attachment material is very durable, while its diameter fits a wide variety of buffing pads.
Meguiar's Professional 5" D/A Polisher Backing Plate

Meguiar's Professional 5" D/A Polisher Backing Plate

Meguiar's Professional 5" D/A Polisher Backing Plate
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Industrial strength meets precision engineering.

Overly aggressive attachment material can lead to premature failure of backing plates and buffing pads. Have you ever had to pry a buffing pad from a backing plate after extended use? I have. Sometimes, it seems as though somebody glued the pad to the plate.

Upon using this plate for the first time, I was impressed. Initially, I thought that the Velcro® backing was a bit short, and NO WAY would it be able to keep a firm hold on the heavy buffing pad I was about to use.

The team at Meguiar's reassuringly mentioned that I shouldn't always judge a book by its cover. They purposely designed the hook material with a low profile, and guaranteed that buffing pads and sanding discs would not come off until I pulled them off. Well, they were right! Removal of the buffing pad was a breeze, even after a purposely-brutal buffing session.

Avoid the drama... get this plate!

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  • Actual diameter: 4-13/16"

  • Attachment material:
    Velcro®- low profile hook

  • Height to mounting pad: 9/16"
  • Thread size: 5/16"-24 male

  • Weight: 106g (3.74 oz.)

  • Long lasting:
    One piece molded construction