Every so often, a product or idea comes along that truly changes the gameIt's happened again.

Mirka has developed a machine that pairs the compact size of an air-powered sander with the convenience of electricity.  Meet the incredibly powerful CEROS Electric Random Orbital Sander.

CEROS weighs only 2 pounds, yet delivers 400 watts of power via a highly efficient brushless motor. This equates to a little over 1/2 horsepower (.53 hp actual), which is roughly twice the horsepower delivered by a typical air-powered sander (Mirka's air-powered Bulldog sander delivers about .28 hp).  

The brushless motor is not only efficient, but is pleasingly quiet during use, especially when compared to machines using brush-type motors.

CEROS' low height allows it to be used in cramped areas more readily than traditional electric sanders. In addition, since hand placement is relatively close to the backing plate, machine motions are less pronounced.  This can really be an issue with longer stroke machines (or when using high speeds with small diameter discs or pads).  It's nice to know that CEROS' comfort is tip-top in this regard.  

There's so much to be said about the CEROS sander.  Take a look at the videos to learn more!