Mirka Silver 3" Sanding Discs

Mirka Silver 3" Sanding Discs

Mirka Silver 3" Sanding Discs

Mirka Silver 3" Sanding Discs
Silver is beautiful!
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Traditional design, un-traditional performance. 

Mirka Silver Sanding Discs are quite possibly the finest traditional-style discs available today.  They can be used wet or dry, and are available in very coarse to very fine grades.  Loop attachment material, for use with hook-style (Velcro®) backing plates. 

Within the Silver series of discs, there are actually three different types of disc: Silver, Q-Silver, and Q-Silver Micro.  Really, there's no need for you to sweat the details, because each grade of disc has been optimized according to its aggressiveness.

However, if you are the type of person that must know the specifics, read on!

Stearate is a coating that is often applied to the abrasive portion of a sanding disc.  Its primary purpose is to minimize an abraded material's ability to stick to the disc.  Unless you are working with a very specialized material or coating that has an adherence issue to stearate residue, there is no benefit from its absence.

Q-Silver and Q-Silver Micro Discs feature a stearate coating, while Silver Discs do not.
We stock Q-Silver and Q-Silver Micro Discs, and are happy to order in standard Silver Discs by request.

Q-Silver Discs utilize aluminum oxide abrasive grains, and are offered in 80-400 grades.
Q-Silver Micro Discs utilize silicon carbide grains, and are offered in 600-1500 grades.

Resins and glues.
Confidently sand tough materials (such as steel), or finicky surfaces (such as ceramiclear automotive surfaces) with Q-Silver and Q-Silver Micro Discs.  High-strength resins ensure that abrasive grains stay attached to the backing, even if used with high operating speeds.

Backing Material.
All Mirka Silver-series discs feature a flexible and strong latex-impregnated paper backing material.  Thicker backings are typically used for coarse grades of paper, while thinner backings are used for fine grades of paper.  See the specifications page for more information.

Attachment Material.
Grip attachment material (loops), for use with hook-style (Velcro®) backing plates.

Mirka Silver Sanding Discs deliver top-notch performance, at a very reasonable price.

All Silver series discs, packs, & specifications are listed here.

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