Mirka Silver Disc 21-Piece Combo Pack

Mirka Silver Disc 21-Piece Combo Pack

Mirka Silver Disc 21-Piece Combo Pack

Mirka Silver Disc 21-Piece Combo Pack
Mirka Silver Sanding Discs.<br/><br/>Mirka Silver Sanding Discs.<br/><br/>Mirka Silver Sanding Discs.<br/><br/>HP3-VELCRO<br/>3" Dome-Shaped Velcro Hand Sanding Pad.<br/><br/>Shown with the included 3" Foam Velcro Interface Pad.<br/><br/>1033 | 1066 | 1066F | 1066SF<br/>  Mirka Velcro Interface Pads<br/><br/>When a sanding disc is mounted directly onto a backing plate, its ability to contour is limited by plate rigidity. Although leveling capability might increase, edge-digging is likely to occur. Full-width utiliztion of the disc becomes difficult when sanding complex surfaces. When an interface pad is installed between the backing plate and disc, contourability increases.<br/><br/>If the machine is tilted off-kilter, the interface pad aids in keeping the full width of the disc in complete contact with the sanding surface. Attempting to sand using a small section of a disc can be difficult; an interface pad can make all the difference.<br/><br/>About Mirka Interface Pads<br/><br/>Interface Pads are placed between backing plates and sanding discs, with the intent to substantially improve overall sanding performance. Interface pads enable sanding discs to conform to their maximum ability.They also assist in distributing machine weight, and user-applied pressure.<br/><br/>An interface pad can decrease uncontrolled wandering of the machine, which occurs when a disc cannot conform to the surface being sanded (due to backing plate rigidity). If the choice is made to use only a portion of the disc by intentionally tilting the machine, the portion in contact with the sanding surface receives adequate support from the interface pad.<br/><br/>
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Mirka Silver Disc 21-Piece Combo Pack.

This Combo Pack makes it easy to sample these terrific discs! Performance is top-notch, and with a wide range of grades available, Silver Discs can handle almost any sanding chore. Includes (21) Mirka Silver Discs. Available in 3" and 6" diameter.

Choose between the following grades of disc:
P80 / P120 / P150 / P180 / P220 / P240 / P320 / P400 / P600 / P800 / P1000 / P1200 / P1500

More Silver Disc info: All About Silver Discs.
Silver Disc specifications listed here.

 Add a Mirka Interface Pad.
Interface pads increase contourability and help to better distribute applied pressure across the face of the disc.  This particular interface pad is designed specifically for use with Autonet Discs, and features hooks that will not protrude through the net mesh material. Info: 3" | 6" | 6" Firm | 6" Tall

Add a 3" Dome-Style Velcro Hand Sanding Pad.
Uniquely shaped 3-inch diameter sanding block makes sanding by hand a breeze to accomplish. The yellow cushiony material is soft, making it easy to grasp, even when wet. The Velcro face is molded onto the yellow polymer material (not glued), so adhesion failure is highly unlikely. An included soft & cushiony foam interface pad is designed to increase contourability of all Velcro-style sanding discs. Info: 3" Dome-Style Velcro Hand Sanding Pad

Add a 3M 05791 Hookit 6" Flexible Velcro Hand Pad.
Flexible Round Hand Pad. Helps to distribute pressure much more evenly.  The elastic strap keeps the pad attached to your hand while you sand, increasing comfort and control.  If you use a water bucket while wet sanding, you'll appreciate this fact:  It floats! Info: 6" Flexible Velcro Hand Pad

Add a 6" 3M 05792 Hookit 6" Half-Round Velcro Hand Pad.
This taco-shaped pad is somewhat rigid, with only minimal flexibility. Its straight edge features a smooth 1/4" radius, enabling it to be used inside inward-curved areas. Although designed for use with 6-inch diameter discs, it is not an exact fit: it's as if someone didn't account for the 1/4" radius. Regardless, this 3M version is the best fitting (and thinnest) available. Info: 6" Half-Round Velcro Hand Pad

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