Mirka Abranet® 6" Pad Protector- 1/8" thick

Mirka Abranet® 6" Pad Protector- 1/8" thick

Mirka Abranet® 6" Pad Protector- 1/8" thick

Mirka Abranet® 6" Pad Protector- 1/8" thick
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The Mirka Pad Protector is designed to to be used with Abranet® and Autonet sanding products.

The open mesh design employed in Abranet® and Autonet products may allow the hook material of a backing plate to protrude through the mesh. If this occurs, the backing plate hooks will degrade quickly. Even worse, the hook material can cause surface marring! Avoid this problem by installing a Pad Protector.

This simple device will not only protect the backing plate and surface being sanded, it also increases adhesion of the sanding disc to the backing plate. Since the Pad Protector is only about 1/8" thick, in most cases it will not affect the leveling capability of the disc.

Check out the images to see close-ups of how the Pad Protector works.

Available in 3" & 6" diameters (3" part #9947). Conversion pads qualify for quantity discounts.

Note: If you need some extra cushioning for your net mesh discs, check out Mirka's Abranet Interface Pads.  They are available in 3" & 6" diameters (3" part #9133, and 6" part #9166).

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Quantity Price
1 - 1
2 - 2
$6.19 save 11%
3 - 3
$5.70 save 18%
$5.21 save 25%
  • #9947 3" pad: actual diameter 2-7/8"

  • Compatible with Abranet® or Autonet™ discs

  • Pad Protector is MANDATORY to use if no other interface pad is used between the sanding disc and backing plate

  • Greatly improves the adhesion of discs to the backing plate
  • #9956 6" pad: actual diameter 5-7/8"

  • Pad protector attaches to any hook & loop backing plate

  • Acts as a barrier so the backing plate hook material will not protrude through the sanding disc

  • Extends the life of the backing plate