Rupes 3" Backing Plate - 5/16-24 thread

Rupes 3" Backing Plate - 5/16-24 thread

Rupes 3" Backing Plate - 5/16-24 thread

Rupes 3" Backing Plate - 5/16-24 thread
Micro hooks work well with most sanding discs and buffing pads.<br/>This plate is built like a tank!This backing plate is included with the Rupes LH75P.
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Where have YOU been all my life?!

If there's one thing I despise, it's an inferior backing plate.
I suppose this is why I fell head over heels for the Rupes 9P08.060!

Its stellar build quality is reminiscent of the Mirka 102GG 3" Backing Plate, but is shorter in height.  Molded polymer construction means that the yellow hub, white cushioning, and black Velcro® face are molded together (not glued), so this backing plate should last and last.  The mounting stud is 5/16"-24, so this little beauty will fit all sorts of machines.

The face of the plate is not stiff nor soft.  When used on curved surfaces, its edge conforms rather easily, but this plate would surely be a good basis for sanding things level.  The hook material is short, grabby, and long lasting.  Should the side of the plate happen to contact a delicate object, you'll be relieved to know that it is soft to the touch.  An excellent choice for use with sanding discs and buffing pads alike.

This is great addition to your backing plate arsenal.  A spacer is not included with this plate, so you'll need to install some sort of washer (an 8mm washer fits perfectly).  The washer will ensure that the rivets on top of the plate will not contact the counterbalance assembly on certain random orbital machines.

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  • Actual diameter: 2-7/8"

  • Attachment material: micro hook
  • Thread size: 5/16"-24 male

  • Height to mounting pad: 11/16"

  • Weight: 80g (2.82 oz.)