Rupes 3" Air-Powered Mini Rotary Polisher

Rupes 3" Air-Powered Mini Rotary Polisher

Rupes 3" Air-Powered Mini Rotary Polisher

Rupes 3" Air-Powered Mini Rotary Polisher
The LH75P is compact, powerful, and fun to use (wool pad not included).The LH75P comes complete with a 3" backing plate, a side handle, and an external air regulator.The LH75P offers up another 1,000 RPM compared to the Mirka MR-30.  It also requires more air to maintain top speed, so be aware of this when choosing between the two!Team the LH75P with other Rupes air-powered tools.<br/>The right tools can make sanding & polishing fun again!The LH75P includes an external air regulator (9P03.060), which allows convenient adjustment of air flow to the machine.Option 1: Save 15% when you purchase a Rupes 3" 5-Piece Buffing Pad Kit.Option 2: Save 15% when you purchase a spare Rupes 3" Backing Plate (9P08.060).Option 3: Save 15% when you purchase a Meguiar's 3" Foam Interface Pad, 1/2" tall (S3FIS).  Option 3: Save 15% when you purchase a Mirka 3" Foam Interface Pad, 1/2" tall (1033).Option 3: Save 15% when you purchase a Mirka Abranet Interface Pad, 3/8" tall (9133). Made specifically for use with Mirka Abranet and Autonet Sanding Discs.
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"You want me.  You need me."

Until you've had an air-powered rotary polisher in your hands, it's hard to realize just how useful the Rupes® LH75P Air-Powered 3" Mini Rotary Polisher truly is.  

The LH75P is a rotary-action machine that spins pads & discs in a continuous circular motion.  This rapid rotational-action focuses polishing energy onto very specific areas, allowing pads or discs to power through defects with ease.

This 2-pound powerhouse delivers up to 5,000 RPM, outgunning the impressive Mirka MR-30 by 2,000 RPM.   It also requires more air to maintain that top speed, so be aware of its air consumption requirements (listed in the specifications section below).

The Rupes LH75P is small in size, but BIG in power.
Tackle all sorts of polishing projects!  Its compact size enables you to easily and comfortably polish difficult-to-reach painted areas such as complex side mirrors, bumper claddings, painted dashboards, doorjambs, air inlet scoops, and roof areas normally unreachable due to luggage rack interference.

Use the Rupes LH75P to polish paint, plastic, metals, and glass.
There's no reason to use the LH75P exclusively on painted surfaces. Use it to polish aluminum wheels, stainless steel trim, headlights, hard & smooth plastic trim pieces, and automotive glass.  By simply changing the type buffing pad or polishing media, this machine can remove defects rapidly, or finish surfaces down beautifully.

Use the Rupes LH75P to sand & polish headlights.
This versatile tool can also be used for sanding purposes, but caution should be used because sanding can take place rapidly. In addition, edge-digging and consequental deep scouring of the surface may occur.  It is not necessary nor desirable to use high speeds when sanding, as excessive speed can dramatically shorten the life of sanding discs.  Use of a foam interface pad is highly recommended.

    Add a variety of Rupes Buffing Pads.   (save 30%)
You'll be ready to tackle just about any polishing task if you've got a set of Rupes® Buffing Pads on hand. Rupes Foam Pads are available in coarse, medium, and fine grades. Rupes Wool Pads deliver a smooth & controlled feel. Rupes Microfiber Pads deliver maximum cutting speed, but must be frequently cleaned, due to the rapidity in which they scrub paint away.

    Add an interface pad, save 15%. 
If there's even a small chance that you'll be using the LH75P for sanding chores, you'll want to have an interface pad handy.  By placing an interface pad between the sanding disc and backing plate, sanding discs will more easily conform to curved or complex surfaces.  Should you inadvertently add excessive tilt to the machine during use, an interface pad will help to better distribute pressure across the entire face of the disc. S3FIS | 1033 | 9133

    Check out the LHR75P's partner in crime.
Rupes LHR75 3" Mini Random Orbital Polisher.
Specifications & Notes:
Motor specifications:
Pneumatic, power rating not known

Speed settings:
Variable @ 0 R.P.M - 4,000 R.P.M.
Machine type:
Rotary Action

Backing plate #9P08.060
2-7/8" (73mm) diameter

Spindle mounting hole:
5/16"-24 thread

Air requirements:
bar 6 / 88 PSI approximate

500 liters / 132 GPM / 17.7 CFM

Size: 7-3/4" long x 2" wide x 3-1/2" tall
Width including backing plate is 2-7/8"

2 lb. 0 oz.