Rupes BigFoot 3" Air-Powered Mini Random Orbital Polisher

Rupes BigFoot 3" Air-Powered Mini Random Orbital Polisher

Rupes BigFoot 3" Air-Powered Mini Random Orbital Polisher

Rupes BigFoot 3" Air-Powered Mini Random Orbital Polisher
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So wicked, it should require a concealed carry permit.

To say that the Rupes® LHR75 BigFoot 3" Mini Random Orbital Polisher is a capable polishing tool would be an appalling understatement. Run of the mill small-diameter polishers just can't compete with the performance of this machine.  In fact, the LHR75 delivers a level of performance that is on par with or superior to most large electric-powered machines!

What makes this weapon random orbital polisher so unique?

The LHR75 BigFoot creates a 15mm diameter orbit.
Random orbital machines that use 3"to 4" discs and pads typically create miniscule orbits, sometimes as small as a few millimeters. The Rupes LHR75 creates a 15mm diameter orbit, which really gets pads, discs, and compounds moving.

Why is a large diameter stroke or orbit beneficial?
To better understand why a large stroke machine can deliver better and faster polishing results, imagine hand sanding a panel of wood with a typical sanding block & paper using very short 1mm back and forth strokes.  Although sanding would be concentrated and exact, most of the sanding debris would remain positioned between the sandpaper and wood panel.  Rapid clogging of the sandpaper would likely occur, effectively limiting cutting power and finishing potential.  However, if the length of each sanding stroke was increased (within a similar time frame), the sandpaper would move along at a more rapid pace.  The increased speed of motion would assist in loosening any stuck-on debris from the sandpaper, all the while helping to eliminate sanding debris residing between the paper and wood surface.  The exact same principles of extending the stroke apply when using the LHR75, except the motion is rotational, not linear.  

High speed + lots of motion = very fast polishing.
A majority of the buffing liquids available today utilize abrasive particles that are engineered to assist in polishing the surfaces we're working on.  To work efficiently, these particles must occasionally shift and tumble in order to keep them free of debris, minimize clumping of the abrasives, and slow contamination of the buffing pad.  The LHR75's large-diameter stroke (15mm) and high-speed capability (11,000 RPM) combine to deliver unrivaled performance in this regard, utterly stomping the performance mustered by other small machines.

The LHR75 BigFoot can be used for sanding.
This versatile tool can also be used for sanding purposes, but the user should have at least some experience with machine sanding prior to using this tool, because sanding can take place rapidly.  In addition, edge-digging and consequental deep scouring of the surface may occur if the machine is not kept level to the surface being sanded.  It is not necessary nor desirable to use high speeds when sanding;  the ideal speed is one that allows the disc to travel along the surface in a smooth, flowing manner, with at least some rotation of the backing plate.  Use of a foam interface pad is highly recommended.

The LHR75 BigFoot leaves surfaces beautifully polished & remarkably scour-free.
The first time I used the LHR75, curious and a bit confused might best describe what I felt upon inspecting the paint surface after a brief polishing test.  Rather than seeing scour marks or haziness (as is often the case when using small diameter pads for compounding), I instead saw a beautifully polished & scour-free paint finish.  The combination of adequate machine speed, ample backing plate rotaion, and smooth sweeping motions combined to deliver the remarkable results. 

The LHR75  BigFoot is easy to control, and fun to use!
The moment you use the Rupes 3" Mini Random Orbital Polisher, it is immediately apparent how lightweight, agile, & managable it is to operate.  The LHR75 BigFoot is specifically balanced for use with Rupes-brand 80/100mm (3") Foam Pads, but can also be used with other similarly-sized pads (other favorites include Meguiar's DA Microfiber Discs and Mirka Thin Foam Pads).

To recap, this machine features:

           • Super-fast cutting speed
           • Fantastic finishing potential
           • Extended working time per application of buffing liquid
           • Less build-up of contaminants across the face of discs & pads
           • Smooth & balanced swooping motions increase user comfort
           • Increased rotation of the backing plate versus other small machines

    Add a Rupes 4-Piece Pad Set, save 15%. 
You'll be ready to tackle just about any polising task if you've got this set of Rupes® Buffing Pads on hand.  Use the wool pad for super-fast cutting, or for those areas that foam pads are too thick to fit.  Included in the set are four grades of foam pads (extra-cut, , fine, and ultra-fine).

   Add a spare backing plate, save 15%. 
Better to be safe than sorry!  Having a spare backing plate on hand is always smart.  The Rupes 990.007 3" Backing Plate is a direct replacement for the factory installed unit. This backing plate is not all that common in the USA... so plan ahead! 

   Add an interface pad, save 15%. 
If there's even a small chance that you'll be using the LHR75 for sanding chores, you'll want to have an interface pad handy.  By placing an interface pad between the sanding disc and backing plate, sanding discs will more easily conform to curved or complex surfaces.  Should you inadvertently add excessive tilt to the machine during use, an interface pad will help to better distribute pressure across the entire face of the disc.  1033 | 9133

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Specifications & Notes:
Motor specifications:
Pneumatic, power rating not known

Speed settings:
Variable @ 0 R.P.M - 11,000 R.P.M.

Stroke size:
7.5mm offset, creates a 15mm orbit diameter

Machine type:
Random Orbital Polisher aka Dual Action

Action 1:
Shaft drive rotates a free-spinning backing plate spindle, creating a circular path measuring 15mm in diameter

Action 2:
Backing plate free-spins and can rotate in either direction.

Backing plate #990.007
2-7/8" (73mm) 6mm x 1.0mm bolt-mount

Spindle mounting hole:
6mm x 1.0mm thread

Air requirements:
bar 6 / 88 PSI approximate

320 liters / 83 GPM / 11.3 CFM
Size: 10" long x 2-5/8" wide x 3-13/16" tall
Width including backing plate is 2-7/8"

1 lb. 9 oz.