Meguiar's Final Inspection®

Meguiar's Final Inspection®

Meguiar's Final Inspection®

Meguiar's Final Inspection®
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The old standby is still a crowd favorite.

There are dozens of paint maintenance sprays on the market. So why is Final Inspection® still a favorite of car enthusiasts worldwide?

Hot Rod Guys dig it because it's a no-frills formula, so what you see is what you get.  Final Inspection's high lubricity formula doesn't "goop-up" the finish. Mist it on, wipe it off, and it will safely remove dust, fingerprints, and other light contaminants from all exterior surfaces.

Body Shops use it because it contains no silicones, polymers, or fillers. This means that Final Inspection® is a Body Shop Safe formula, and will not cause paint adherence issues.  It's handy to use on paint, windows, and chrome.

Detailers use Final Inspection® as lubrication for paint cleansing clay, and as a secondary wetting agent when machine-polishing (sometimes a spritz of moisture across the pad or paint surface is beneficial) .

When sanding and polishing paint, Final Inspection® is great for wiping a panel clean prior to sanding, or after polishing is complete.

Still another added benefit?
Final Inspection® smells fantastic!

For best results, wipe surfaces dry using a Meguiar's M9910 Ultimate Wipe Microfiber Detailing Cloth.

Body Shop Safe formula
Contains no ingredients that could cause fisheye or other paint adhesion issues
Fantastic as a lube for paint detailing clay