Rupes BigFoot Nano Polishers with iBrid Technology are lithium-ion powered, super compact, multi-function polishing machines. A mouthful, but Nano’s are oh-so versatile! Rupes Nano Kits & Polishers are available in Shork Neck and Long Neck versions.

Tri-Motion Capability.
Rupes Nano Polishers utilize screw-in modules to generate rotary or random orbit action. Direct-Drive Rotary Action | 3mm Random Orbital | 12mm Random Orbital

A Multitude of Attachments.
A trio of backing plates allow attachment of 1” and 2” buffing pads & sanding rosettes. Use the Nano to sand, compound, or polish within very specific or super-confined areas.

A pair of screw-on brushes transform the Nano into a deep-cleaning scrubbing machine! Use the Nano’s tri-motion capability to shampoo cloth or carpeted surfaces... or to loosen grime from rubber, textured plastics, vinyl, & leather. The Nano can also be employed to massage in lotions & protectants.

Dual Mode Power Delivery.
Rupes Nano Polishers feature iBrid Technology, enabling them to recieve electrical current via a compact lithium-ion battery, or through a corded power supply.

HR81M/DLX Short Neck Deluxe Kit | HR81ML/DLX Long Neck Deluxe Kit