Shop for Italian-made Rupes® at Kevin Brown's!  Kevin was the FIRST to introduce Rupes machines, pads, and buffing gels to the North American market. Buff Daddy stocks a wide variety of Rupes machines (including BigFoot® Polishers and Skorpio® Palm Sanders). We carry the full line of Rupes foam buffing pads, as well as Rupes world-renowned Zephir, QuarzKeramik, and Diamond Gloss Buffing Gels.

Looking for a duffle bag, apron, or other accessory item? Check back often, because we're
 continuously adding to our diverse inventory of Rupes goods. If you're in need of a part for one of your machines (or are on a quest to find a Rupes product that is not listed on the site), please call or e-mail us for availability & pricing.  Find out why my CRAZY friend Joe (and dozens of polishing enthusiasts) are screaming, "The Buff Daddy... gave me the RUPES!