Meguiar's Unigrit® Finishing Papers are recognized by many to be among the best in the industry!  Meguiar's raised the bar when they introduced the world to Nikken®, a world-class Japanese manufacturer of abrasives. Marketed as Meguiar's Unigrit® Finishing Paper, it is available in North America exclusively by Meguiar's.

By placing the abrasives particles tightly together and controlling the size disparity of each particle, Unigrit is able to cut rapidly and consistently.  Check out the diagram below:

Another fantastic trait of Unigrit is its lasting ability. Unigrit papers flat out, without a doubt, outlast most other brands.  Since you're getting more abrasion of the sanding surface per stroke, there's less need to sand using repetitive passes.  Remember- since Unigrit® features consistency of particle size and placement, you sand less yet remove more

It's convenient to use, too.  In fact, the world-class reps at Meguiar's regularly store Unigrit papers in a container of purified water... up to 30 days at a time!  Don't try that with inferior brands.

All this technical stuff is great, but what about the real world? Allow me tell you a TRUE story about the abilities of this fantastic sandpaper.

A friend of mine is a professional painter. He had not yet used Meguiar's Unigrit® Finishing Papers, so I gave him a few sheets to try. "What's so special about this half-sheet of paper?", he asked.

I told him that Unigrit® papers feature ultra-durable silicon carbide particles that are closely matched in size, and that there are more particles used per sheet compared to other brands. Consequently, he would see much better sanding results, and the paper would cut faster, too. I then pointed to the back of Unigrit® package, which shows a diagram similar to the one below:

I also mentioned that Unigrit papers would last longer because the bonding system used to keep the particles in place was A-number-1, and there would be less likelihood that particles would detach from the paper, causing deep random scratches.

Upon using the paper, he was stunned! For years he thought that the deep isolated scratches created while sanding were due to dust contamination, not an inferior product.

While he was dumbfounded, I wasn't at all. The paper performed as expected, and now he only uses Meguiar's Unigrit Finishing Papers. Another happy ending!

Need a little?  Mix & match individual grades of Unigrit® sheets for convenience.
Need a lot?  Purchase 25-pack sleeves of Unigrit® sheets, and save some serious coin!