Mirka Abralon discs are flexible, and contour to all sorts of shapes.  If you're in need of a sanding disc that will work exceptionally well on unusually-shaped items or surfaces that are curved, Abralon discs may be the best choice for you!

Of course, Abralon discs work well on flat surfaces, too. Many sanding experts rely on Abralon discs to further refine an already prepared surface. This extra step can be especially helpful when hand or machine polishing is employed to restore surface gloss (such as is commonly done on automotive paint).

Although Abralon discs are fantastic for all sorts of tasks, they are not the best choice for surface leveling.  A sanding disc that delivers maximum l
eveling ability can efficiently and accurately eliminate the highest points from uneven surfaces, bringing those areas down to the same level as the lower lying ones. For leveling tasks, sanding discs that feature a rigid backing work best.

The two diagrams below illustrate leveling vs. contouring:


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There are countless instances in which Abralon's versatility can benefit a sanding project, allowing even beginners to sand with confidence.

Example 1:  You've recently had the fender of your car repainted, and the texture is a little bumpy.  There are a few bits of dirt in the paint, and the texture does not match that of the factory applied paint.  Sanding is therefore required to remove the dirt nibs and eliminate the heavily textured surface.  If the fender is sanded using a disc that does NOT contour well, those areas may end up LEVELED.  Consequently, the resultant texture may not match that of the factory applied paint. 

By choosing an appropriate grit Abralon disc and then sanding the fender, dirt nibs and excess texture can be eliminated.   The refined textured surface should closely match that of the factory-applied paint.  Practice makes perfect, and Abralon discs make the job easy.

Example 2: Your intricately-carved antique chair needs sanding and refinishing.  If you sand the wood using a disc that does NOT contour well, there's a strong possibility of forever altering the chair's highly detailed carvings.

Since Abralon is able to remove paint in a manner that does NOT level the paint surface to the degree that a traditional film backed disc might, it can readily contour around complex shapes, removing material in a gentle manner.  

Of course, the amount of material removed by any disc is dependent upon the hardness of the material being sanded, the amount of pressure being used, the speed in which you are sanding, and the size of the abrasive grit.

Abralon discs can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including:

  • Automotive, airplane, and marine grade paints
  • Powdercoat
  • Metals (steel, aluminum, copper, brass, & stainless steel)
  • Wood
  • Hard plastics (Plexiglas®, Lexan®, and similar materials)
  • Fiberglas®
  • Corian® countertops (and similar materials)

Magnified shot of
fabric & abrasives

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We stock Abralon discs in 3" and 6" diameters.

3" discs are available in 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, & 4000 grit.
6" discs are available in 180, 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, & 4000 grit.