Rupes 6" Velcro Backing Plate - fits LHR 21ES & Skorpio

Rupes 6" Velcro Backing Plate - fits LHR 21ES & Skorpio

Rupes 6" Velcro Backing Plate - fits LHR 21ES & Skorpio

Rupes 6" Velcro Backing Plate - fits LHR 21ES & Skorpio
Direct replacement for Skorpio® factory-installed backing plates.  This model plate was also original equipment on the Rupes BigFoot LHR21ES, but was updated to the 981.321, which features increased holding power.Rupes® brand 6" Interface Pad is among the thinnest available.  A perfect match for your Skorpio® DA Palm Sander.
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BigFoot's dance moves can be tough on shoes.
Rupes® makes a bevy of high performance machines.  Included in this bunch are BigFoot® Random Orbital Polishers and Skorpio® DA Palm Sanders.  We sell (10) different machines that are able to use the Rupes 981.320 6" (150mm) Backing Plate, so we keep a stack on hand because inevitably... you'll eventually need to replace your machine's backing plate.  Here's why:

Over time, the backing plate's attachment hooks can degrade or break away, causing pads and discs to fling from the machine during use!  

Surprisingly, the primary reason backing plates need to be changed is not due to wear.  The fact is, nothing can relegate a backing plate to the trash bin faster than an accidental dropping of the machine.  

Regardless of how it happens, if the machine takes a fall and crashes to the ground, there's a very high likelihood that the plate's mounting pad (essentially a stamped steel washer) will bend.  If this happens, you'll be dead in the water unless you've got a backup plate on hand.

This model backing plate fits all 6" Skorpio DA Palm Sanders.  It also fits the 6" LHR21ES BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher.  Nowadays,   all LHR21ES machines came from the factory with a different model plate (model 981.321, which features a blue plastic scrub plate and extra holding power).  Regardless, this model was the one originally installed onto 6" BigFoot machines.  If you believe that the blue-backed plate holds onto your pads or discs too strongly, then give this plate a shot. 

This backing plate can also be used on the 5" LHR15ES BigFoot Polisher, allowing the machine to be outfitted with 6" (150mm) pads and discs.

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Using a Skorpio Palm Sander and need a Rupes® Interface Pad?  We've got them here.
  • Actual diameter: 5-7/8" (148mm)

  • Attachment material:
    Velcro®- low profile hook
  • Weight: 126g approximate (4.45 oz.)

  • Low profile hook material:
    Carefully remove polishing pads to avoid damaging the loop material