Rupes Paint Buffing Gels are a joy to work with.  Although they have been optimized specifically for use with the Rupes BigFoot line of Random Orbital Polishers and Foam Buffing Pads, they work remarkably well with a wide variety of machines and pads. Rupes Paint Buffing Gels are available in small and large bottle sizes, making them affordable for occasional or daily use.

New to the polishing scene? No sweat! Stick to the Rupes BigFoot System of machines, liquids, and pads to ensure world-class results. When used as a system, all of the guesswork has been eliminated (the bottle tops are even color-coded to the match the pads). Note: our current inventory of 1-liter bottles do not feature color-coded caps.

Rupes BigFoot Buffing Gels
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Rupes Paint Buffing Gels are available in five grades:

• Zephir Coarse Compounding Gel
• Quarz Medium Compounding Gel
• Keramik Fine Gloss Polishing Gel 
• Diamond Ultra Fine Gloss Finishing Gel
• NEW! UHS High Solids Clear Coat Correction Compound

We currently offer Rupes Gels in two sizes:
250ml (8.45 ounces) and 1-liter (33.8 ounces) bottles.

Zephir Coarse Compounding Gel makes short work of deep heavy scratches and harsh paint defects.  For heavy defect removal, use Zephir if Quarz is not able to eliminate paint defects to a satisfactory degree.  Use Zephir in conjunction with the Rupes Blue Extra-Cut Foam Pad or the Green Intermediate Cutting Pad.

Quarz Medium Compounding Gel can often remove every last blemish from weathered or worn paint surfaces.  For defect removal, use Quarz if Keramik is not able to eliminate paint defects to a satisfactory degree.  Use Quarz in conjunction with the Rupes Green Intermediate Cutting Pad or the Yellow Fine Polishing Pad

Keramik Fine Gloss Polishing Gel is the perfect staring point for polishing paint surfaces that are in relatively good or nearly perfect condition. For polishing, use Keramik if Diamond is not able to eliminate light paint defects and general surface haziness to a satisfactory degree.  Use Keramik in conjunction with the Rupes Yellow Fine Polishing Pad or White Ultra Fine Finishing Pad.  

Diamond Ultra Fine Gloss Finishing Gel is the jeweler, the final step in creating a perfect paint finish. Use Diamond in conjunction with the Rupes White Ultra Fine Finishing Pad.

UHS Ultra High Solids Clear Coat Correction Compound (new for 2015), is designed for use on scratch resistant and high solids (dense) ceramic paints. When used in conjunction with a Rupes UHS Foam Buffing Pad and a BigFoot machine, cutting and finishing can be accomplished in one polishing step! Early reports of overall  performance are glowingly positive.