Rupes® Foam Buffing Pads have been optimized for use with large stroke random orbital polishers, which is why they tend to feel more rigid than typical foam pads. Whereas overly soft & supple pads can deform due to the stressful motions created by a large stroke polisher (consequently delivering a substandard result), Rupes Foam Buffing Pads pads are world-renowned for their ability to cut & finish to the highest degree.

Rupes® Foam Buffing Pads feature angle-cut sides, enabling them to easily conform to complex panel shapes. By flaring or tapering the side of the pad, excess mass along the shoulder is eliminated. The tapered shape also gives the pad an agile feel.

The   blue   foam pad is designated as being a hard cutting pad. Although this pad is initially rigid, it becomes very pliable during use. Its wide-open cell design is highly resistant to clogging, making this pad a terrific choice for severe oxidation removal. To control pad sling, do not use an excess quantity of buffing liquid. Overall performance does not improve with a priming of the pad.

The  green  foam pad is designated as being an intermediate cutting pad. Compared to the blue pad, this pad utilizes a much smaller pore structure, and delivers performance characteristics that are more in line with a typical foam cutting pad. It can leave a very nice finish, requiring only minimal follow-up polishing. Although it is typical to see miniscule remnants of foam spit from the pad during polishing (via grinding action), the green pad remains a very popular choice.

The  yellow  foam pad is designated as being a medium or fine polishing pad. For general polishing duties, this pad is tough to beat. Generally, it can be used with heavy-cut compounds, finessing polishes, one-step liquids, sealants, and waxes. This pad will undoubtedly become a staple in your pad arsenal.

The   white   foam pad is designated as being a soft or ultra-fine finishing pad. It is very soft and pliable, making it the perfect choice for use on super-contoured panel shapes. Although this pad has the potential to be a bit grippy compared to other Rupes foam pads, this can be counteracted by adding a bit of machine or arm speed to assist in decreasing pad drag.

The   gray   foam pad was designed specifically for use with Rupes UHS Polishing Compound. Although this pad feels similar to firm memory foam, it becomes soft and pliable as it warms during use. This pad cuts remarkably well, yet leaves a scour-free finish. Great all-around performance with the majority of buffing liquids.