Rupes BigFoot® Low Profile Wool Buffing Pads were designed specifically for use with random orbital, forced rotation orbital, and gear driven machines.

Although both versions of this pad are very short in height, their flared sidewalls enable them to contour to complex panel shapes with ease. By flaring (or tapering) the side of the pad, excess mass along the shoulder of the pad has been eliminated. Two pad versions are available.

Rupes 9.BW180H   Blue   Coarse Wool Polishing Pad.
Compared to a traditional wool pad, this pad features an innovative composition of  short, dual-length strings that help to keep string twist & bind (and pad loading) to a minimum. This results in a consistent & extended cut.

A relatively rigid & low profile blue foam interlayer helps to limit pad squish & twist, which assists in delivering maximum machine motion to the wool. Pad bounce, chatter, & hop is virtually non-existent. These pads are capable of performing superbly when paired with rotary polishers, too. Note: a moderate increase in arm motion and motor RPM can often offset any pad grabiness, or steering sensation delivered by the flared area of the pad.

Rupes 9.BW180M  Yellow  Fine Wool Polishing Pad.
This pad features long & plush wool strings, perfect for use on super contoured areas. Expect to see extended working time when using this pad, as it remains fluffy and clog-free. Note: some dusting can occur if an unecessary quantity of buffing liquid is used, or if it is used for too long.

A low profile yellow foam interlayer perfectly supports the superfine wool strings. Although wool pads are not known for delivering a pristine finish, this pad finishes out surprisingly well. Oftentimes, little to no follow-up polishing is required when used with high caliber compounds, polishes, or one-step products.