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<br/>995.001 | Rupes BigFoot NANO 1-1/4" Velcro Backing Plate.<br/><br/><br/>996.001 | Rupes BigFoot NANO 2" Velcro Backing Plate.<br/><br/><br/>997.001 | Rupes BigFoot NANO 1-1/4" Vinyl Backing Plate.<br/><br/><br/>291.390/C | Rupes Rotary-Action Extension Shaft.<br/><br/><br/>562.390/C | Rupes BigFoot NANO Rotary-Action Module.<br/><br/><br/>581.390/C | Rupes BigFoot NANO Random Orbital Module (3mm orbit diameter).<br/><br/><br/>58.390/C | Rupes BigFoot NANO Random Orbital Module (12mm orbit diameter).<br/><br/><br/>9.1396/C | Rupes Nano Wrench.<br/>Uee to install and remove rotary and orbital thread-in modules.<br/><br/><br/>65.390/C | Rupes BigFoot NANO Counterweight Protection Shroud.<br/><br/><br/>Stainless Steel 2" Long Rotary Extension (screws directly into the machine).<br/>Includes Mirka 1125G 1-1/4" Velcro Backing Plate. Thread: M6-1.0 male.<br/><br/>9HP120LT<br/>Rupes BigFoot Nano AC-DC Power Adapter.<br/><br/>Delivers full-time maximum current.<br/><br/>Specifications-<br/>Input: 100V-130V | 50/60Hz | 60W<br/>Output: 12 Volt | 5 amp<br/><br/>Weight (minus cord): 11 oz.<br/>Cord length: 12'<br/><br/><br/>51.390/C | Rupes BigFoot NANO Complete Gearbox Shaft Set.<br/><br/>This set replaces all of the components in the gear box.<br/><br/><br/>32.390/C | Rupes BigFoot NANO Complete Gearbox Assembly.<br/><br/>This complete assembly is easy to install. Simply unscrew the old assembly from the Nano Polisher, and install this replacement. Note that the head does not always align perfectly, therefore an adhesive or glue must be applied to the threads, and the head must be visually aligned. I've been using a gel or gap filling Super Glue, which works great, but there is almost no dwell time (the glue sets up rapidly).<br/><br/>
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Make that Rupes® NANO look and feel new again.

Even high quality parts can wear out... or break. Good to know that factory-original replacement parts are readily available for your Rupes® BigFoot NANO Multi-Function Polisher.

We stock the most commonly requested replacement parts.  All other parts can be special ordered from Rupes directly. Call, text, or e-mail us for availability of special order parts.

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