If you are in the business of sanding and polishing paint, then you probably already know about Meguiar's Professional Unigrit® Finishing Papers.  After all, they are the benchmark to which all other sanding papers are compared to.  If you happen to be new to the sanding game, then you should know that Unigrit® Finishing Papers are unmatched in terms of durability.  In addition, Unigrit® Papers refinement capabilities are TIP-TOP!

Ready for some BIG news?  Meguiar's has done it AGAIN.  This time, they've developed an entire line of Unigrit™ branded products.  Most notable are the all-new Unigrit™ Sanding and Foam Finishing Discs.

Unigrit Discs are available in 3" and 6" diameters, and are designated as either a Sanding Disc or a Foam Finishing Disc.  The easiest way to tell them apart is: 

  • Unigrit™ Sanding Discs DO NOT feature an attached foam backing
  • Unigrit Foam Finishing Discs DO feature an attached foam backing

Each particular grade of disc has been optimized to deliver impressive cutting power while leaving the sanded surface ready for the next step in the refining process.  As you might expect, Unigrit™ Sanding Discs don't have the ability to flex or contour as well as Unigrit™ Foam Finishing Discs, but they will level a surface much more efficiently.

Regardless the type of Unigrit™ disc you choose, rest assured that you've got cutting-edge technology at your fingertips! Compared to traditional discs featuring a similar grit size and backing thickness, here is how Unigrit™ discs rank in terms of leveling ability and contourability:

Unigrit™ Sanding Discs:

Unigrit™ Foam Finishing Discs:

For more information, click the Disc Facts button at the top of this page.  It will direct you to the All About Meguiar's Unigrit™ Sanding System page, where you'll find loads of pictures and information pertaining to these wonderful discs.