3" Sanding Disc Sampler Combo Pack

3" Sanding Disc Sampler Combo Pack

3" Sanding Disc Sampler Combo Pack
Unigrit 3" Sanding Disc - 1500 gradeUnigrit 3" Foam Finishing Discs - 1000 and 3000 gradeAbralon Foam Backed Fabric DiscAbranet Soft Foam Backed Net Mesh Disc
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This Combo Pack features the most technologically advanced sanding discs available today.  All four designs are very unique.   

Meguiar's Unigrit® Sanding Disc.
Unique pyramid-shaped stacks of abrasives cut fast, and continue to reveal fresh abrasive grains as the disc is used.  Available in 1500 grit only.

Meguiar's Unigrit® Foam Finishing Discs.
The 1000 grade disc closely resembles the Unigrit® Sanding Disc, except that the pyramids are mounted to a foam backing versus a film backing.  The 3000 grade discs feature a slit-cut foam face that is coated with high grade abrasive grains.  For final sanding, this design is tough to beat. Available in 1000 grit for sanding deep scratches in paint, or for use on headlights and other hard plastics.  Use 3000 grit for all materials.

Mirka Abralon® Foam Backed Fabric Discs.
These discs feature a very pliable fabric face coated with abrasive grains.  Because these discs are so pliable, they contour to all sorts of shapes.

Mirka Abranet Soft® Foam Backed Mesh Discs.
Likely the most versatile disc available today.  Net mesh material allows the disc to contour well, yet level impressively (speed of movement dictates the result).  Foam backing retains water or solvents, and helps to better distribute applied pressure.

Choose the finer grades of discs if you plan to refine automotive paints.  If you plan to refine plastics such as headlights, or metals such as aluminum, consider starting with the heavier grades of discs.  All of these discs should be used in conjunction with water or lubricating oil (sometimes used for sanding plastics and metals).

OPTION 1: Add an Interface PAD.  SAVE 15%. 
Use an interface pad if you're working on curved or complex shapes.  Interface pads also help distribute applied pressure across the face of the disc.  Click the following part numbers to see the features and benefits of each interface pad: 9133

OPTION 2:  Add a Backing Plate.  SAVE 15%. 
If you don't have an appropriately-sized backing plate, here are two of the best we offer. The Mirka backing plate is stocky, and a crowd favorite.  The Meguiar's version is very versatile, and features a softer edge for increased contourability.  View the features and benefits of each backing plate here: 102GG | DBP3

 SAVE 30%!