To answer this question and help clarify the goals of the system, I spoke with Jason Rose, the Field Marketing Manager of Professional Products for Meguiar's.  Jason was point man on the development team responsible for creating their all-new Unigrit™ Premium Professional Finishing System.  He also happens to be a very good friend of mine, so trust me when I say that he knows, lives, and breathes this stuff!  He's a real asset to our community.

                   Polishing duet.  Jason Rose and Kevin BrownMeguiar's Headquarters.  

Jason, what excites you most about the all-new Unigrit Sanding System?
"I am most excited about bringing new abrasive technology to detailers!  Most are afraid of using sandpaper or DA discs.  But with this new technology in abrasives, it’s actually safer to remove heavy paint defects with the Unigrit Finishing System verses rotary buffing with an aggressive wool pad and gritty compound."

Tell us about the goals Meguiar's set forth prior to creating the system.
"Our goals were:

  1. To expand our Unigrit Abrasives line, which had not seen any new innovation in quite some time.

  2. To introduce a line of abrasives that would enhance the performance of our compounds, polishes, and pads.  Once you control the defect, you have more control over the whole process.
  3. We needed abrasives for our headlight and spot repair kit, so 6" discs were a natural line extension.
  4. We wanted the most complete and versatile system in the market, encompassing both hand and machine application."

Are the sanding discs an all-new design?
"The basic technology is borrowed from our parent company, 3M.  As we got into development with the 3M team, we discovered some ways that we could make our product different, yet keep the strengths of the abrasive technology in place.  So, they are similar in how they both work, but you will find the user experience to be slightly different.  We also felt that it was important to tune our product for OEM paint, as our primary target was the detailing market."

What differentiates Meguiar's Unigrit Sanding and Finishing Discs from other discs?
"Performance and durability.  Anyone who uses abrasive discs will notice the difference right away.  They are in a league of their own!  I can’t speak for other brands, but it seems as though the other guys made their discs do what they are supposed to, which is remove paint defects.  The uniqueness of the Unigrit Finishing System is this: While our discs also remove paint defects (and does so quickly), each disc prepares the surface for the next step.

In other words, the most powerful part of the technology is its ability to refine the surface. Each step in the system doesn’t just remove the intended defects, but it also refines the sanding marks for subsequent steps.  This includes either another sanding step or a finishing buffing step.  This refinement feature allows subsequent steps in the process to be less aggressive and faster.  That makes it different than any other system."

How would you rate the durability of Unigrit™ Sanding and Foam Finishing Discs?
"Best in Class. They are very durable."

Rumors abound as to your "nitpickiness".  Are these rumor unfounded?
"Ask anyone on our development team, 'Who pays the most attention to every last detail?'  Or, 'Who slows down developmental progress the most?'  Most fingers will point to me.

Let’s just say I reject a lot more than I accept.  All kidding aside, our development team is simply that- a TEAM.  And we are a group of people with very high standards.  We want our products to be the best, and we don’t stop working on them until they are."  - END.