Mirka Abralon® 3" Foam Backed Disc

Mirka Abralon® 3" Foam Backed Disc

Mirka Abralon® 3" Foam Backed Disc
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Introducing Abralon, your new best friend.

There’s no denying that Abralon discs are almost otherworldly in their ability to contour to almost any shape, sanding delicate surfaces gently yet thoroughly in the process.   How does Mirka do it?

The sanding grains used to make Abralon discs are high quality and high tech. They are bonded to a strong, thin, and pliable fabric material that is backed by a 3/16” thick soft foam cushion.  This “triple threat” combination creates a disc that is unbeatable in terms of contourability. Abralon discs last a long time, too.

Whether you are refining a surface using progressively finer grit discs or polishing with liquids via hand or machine, the job is a snap to complete if you're using Abralon discs. The fact is...

Abralon discs are the epitome of “stress-less sanding”!

To learn more about Abralon, visit this page: All About Abralon Discs.
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